MediaTek LinkIt ONE Giveaway

Update 12/21/15:
REMINDER: The deadline for this promotion is midnight tonight (Pacific Standard Time). Once the form is turned off you cannot submit your project. You have to get your form in before midnight.

Please make sure you are submitting completed projects will full directions, codes and schematics (when relevant), and pictures showing your MediaTek board being used to make your project (pictures of your MediaTek board are REQUIRED and entries will not get gift cards if there are no pictures showing the board being used). We have had A LOT of entries come in this weekend and today. We will be awarding gift cards for all outstanding entries tomorrow or letting you know if you do not qualify for a gift card.

Questions can be directed to


The Instructables Community is really one of the most inspiring communities on the web. We are an international network of do-ers and educators. We share our knowledge about making the things we love, and have the opportunity to tell our unique stories of why and how along the way.

Here at Instructables HQ, we have been having a lot of fun seeding the community with innovative hardware and tools to keep you, our authors, publishing amazing stories about what you love to make. 

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with MediaTek to send the community 250 LinkIt ONE boards. We want to see what the Instructables authors are capable of making with these boards.

But wait! There is more! Once you’ve received your board, and developed a project with it, publish it to Instructables to receive a $50 gift card to Amazon.


Key features of the MediaTek LinkitONE:
  • All-in-one features
  • Includes ARM7 EJ-S™, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE, GPS, Audio codec, and SD card connector on a single development board

  • Rich-Compatibility
  • Pin-out similar to Arduino boards, including Digital I/O, Analog I/O, PWM, I2C, SPI, UART and power supply, compatible with Grove 4-pin interface

  • Strong Extensibility
  • Provides various interfaces for connecting to most sensors, peripherals, Groves, and other widgets

  • Easy Prototyping
  • Using LinkIt ONE together with MediaTek LinkIt SDK (for Arduino) you will be able to easily turn your ideas into practical prototypes.

Looking for creative examples of what has been made with the LinkIt ONE? Check out their hub over on

How do you apply for a LinkIt ONE board?

This product offering is limited, and we will be awarding boards to those who state their case as to why we should send them one.


This application will close 9/14/15.
**This giveaway is limited to one board per address.

What happens once you have a LinkIt ONE board?

Simply publish your Instructable using your LinkIt ONE to the site, and send us a link to your Instructable by 12/21/15 and we will add it to the MediaTek Collection on Instructables Homepage and email you your $50 gift card, what’s to lose?

Instructables Authors CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE PROJECT using the  LinkIt ONE Kit, and receive a $50 gift card for each project SUBMITTED!

We believe in your awesome creative potential, and your devotion to share what you make with other makers and tinkerers. Can’t wait to see what you make!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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Penolopy Bulnick (author) 1 year ago

Thanks to everyone for participating in the promotion! We had quite a collection of projects come in :)

Just to let people know, Instructables employees will be on vacation starting tomorrow (or the next day, depending on what their plans are) and won't be back until January 4th. If you email starting now until then, you won't get a reply until the 4th.

Happy holidays everyone!

Just to clarify, in case you were worried, those of us watching the Mediatek email will be gone over the winter holiday and won't be able to reply to messages, but the site will still be up and running! You can still direct messages to if you are having trouble with the site!

Tata for now :)

rjawale1 year ago

Unfortunately due to my engineering semester exams I couldn't submit projects made using Linkit ONE on time. :(
I missed the gift cards..
Anyway Now that I have vacations I'm going to put up all the LinkIt One projects on my instructables profile.
Better late than never!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  rjawale1 year ago

I'm sorry you were unable to make the deadline, but I look forward to seeing what you create with the MediaTek LinkIt ONE board :)

Hi Penolopy!
I have already made an IoT based plant monitoring system using LinkIt ONE
Have to write an instructable for that.
Meanwhile here's a short demonstration of my project

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  rjawale1 year ago

That looks great! Looks like you really know how to utilize what the MediaTek LinkIt ONE board has to offer :)

Thank You! :)

Same here.

I've made this i'ble

How do I add it to the Linkit ONE collection??

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  DangerousTim2 years ago

You just submit it with the form like you did and then we will go through all the entries.

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