Meet the Boy With the Lego Hand

When Coby Unger makes, he makes the world a better place. The Atlantic recently published an article about the artist in residence and his work to build better prosthetics for children.

Unger worked with a boy named Aiden Robinson to dream up the swiss army knife of prosthetics with attachments that include a Wii controller, spoon, legos, and a bow for playing the violin. Check out more of Coby's projects, and read the article to learn more about Aiden, the boy with the Lego hand. 

Picture of Meet the Boy With the Lego Hand
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JenM23 years ago

When will the details be available?

JM1999 JenM23 years ago

There is an Instructable here if that is what you are talking about.

JM1999 JM19993 years ago

JenM2 JM19993 years ago


JM1999 JM19993 years ago

Kiteman3 years ago

That is awesome, thanks for sharing.