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tomonto9 years ago
Even so, the 9 and 10 year old members shouldn't be members. You are supposed to be 13 remember.....
lemonie10 years ago
I know this is innapropriate, but every time I see "meet the twins" it make me think of "here are my breasts" (sorry) L
sorry man but thats inappropriate there are 10 and 9 year olds on here
My 6 and 10 year old read this site, and I have no problem with lemonie's comment. It's a valid response to a known double-entendre. It's positively mild compared to the lingerie posters etc that the boys pass every day (did the "Hello Boys!" campaign make it to the US? - those posters caused RTAs over here).
you would let a SIX year old read that your a horrible Father
A six year old that knows to start a sentence with a capital letter, and that the contraction of "you are" is "you're". Anyway, what is "horrible" about admitting that breasts exist? Or do you think I should hide the fact from him until he's 16? He has a basic idea of where babies come from, the mammary-function of breasts, and the fact that most men find them attractive. I didn't teach him all that, life and books did (he reads avidly) - all I've taught him is to treat people with respect, so don't giggle when you see a woman breastsfeeding.
ok im sorry for what i said
(hand shake) oh and BTW I put Capital Letters in my sentences but online i dont
Dude im sorry but, Kiteman 'pwnd' you in his last comment below.
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