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Set up for new members. (Hopefully no need to be PRO) 

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Hopefully our newest member will be able to join us here.
Hi there!  Yes, Lateral Thinker figured a way to get me in without being "PRO" yet. 

Actually, Asperger females are not that uncommon; they just pass for normal easier.  I can smoke them out with a book called "All Cats Have Aspergers" by Hoopmann.

I understand your preference for animals.  We still think like animals, unlike the neurotypical majority.  I agree with Temple Grandin on that.
yeah from all I have been learning, I am thinking of changing my avatar to a chameleon.
Animals are just easier than humans in so many ways
Once you understand them, they have fewer hangups....although the "horse world" (of ignorant owners)  has created horses with many severe psychological disorders, sadly
Birds too! 4 of the birds I have came to me bald from the neck down because they had pulled out all their own feathers, but they are all doing well and fully feathered now, I have had them a long time.
aye, I forgot to mention the two budgies we had,  the female was doing the same thing....pulling the feathers out of her chest area, but now that she is no longer under stress (from the former owners) she is doing fine.  Them male had been hand raised and was a bit more adjusted :-) 
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
 I once watched a parrot (Lilly) go nuts eating away the perch she was sitting on, until the bar broke apart and she ended up on the floor.

Once she was walking from the lounge, across the passage and into the dining room, her usual hang out.

but lying on the floor, in the passage, blocking her path was Cass the Alsatian, (she found us after apparently having been abandoned)

Cass was not going to move, and Lilly was not going around the long way (out another door, and in via the kitchen) so she bit Cass.

Cass moved quickly looking very hurt because she could not understand why good friends like Lilly on her  would bit each other. (Lilly was smaller than Cass's head.

The cats would snuggle up to Cass, and they would all sleep, and Cass would do her best to empty the cat bowl, you could always tell, when she used her big tongue to polish the empty bowl.

Cass's hobby was chasing cats, she never hurt them, and she was fair about it, always giving them a head start. Once I saw Cass siting next to Pumpkin Face who was on a low wall, PF was not interested in games, Cass was sitting there with a big smile, trying to provoke PF into running, so I gave Cass a hug, while PF sneaked off. (slowly, not running)
I had a cockatoo at the store, that now lives in Montana with my brother that would run out into a room screaming and wings out, beak open and chase humans but if you didn't run or dance he got bored and went to his perch.
LOL    My first reaction to a bird like that is normally to mimic it  :-)    It worked with an Emu once   :-)   We got to dancing and then I realized what She was doing, and I stepped away from that scene   LOL 
Good thinking, Emu's are alot bigger than a cockatoo.
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