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Hopefully our newest member will be able to join us here.
Hi there!  Yes, Lateral Thinker figured a way to get me in without being "PRO" yet. 

Actually, Asperger females are not that uncommon; they just pass for normal easier.  I can smoke them out with a book called "All Cats Have Aspergers" by Hoopmann.

I understand your preference for animals.  We still think like animals, unlike the neurotypical majority.  I agree with Temple Grandin on that.
yeah from all I have been learning, I am thinking of changing my avatar to a chameleon.
Animals are just easier than humans in so many ways
Once you understand them, they have fewer hangups....although the "horse world" (of ignorant owners)  has created horses with many severe psychological disorders, sadly
Birds too! 4 of the birds I have came to me bald from the neck down because they had pulled out all their own feathers, but they are all doing well and fully feathered now, I have had them a long time.
aye, I forgot to mention the two budgies we had,  the female was doing the same thing....pulling the feathers out of her chest area, but now that she is no longer under stress (from the former owners) she is doing fine.  Them male had been hand raised and was a bit more adjusted :-) 
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 I once watched a parrot (Lilly) go nuts eating away the perch she was sitting on, until the bar broke apart and she ended up on the floor.

Once she was walking from the lounge, across the passage and into the dining room, her usual hang out.

but lying on the floor, in the passage, blocking her path was Cass the Alsatian, (she found us after apparently having been abandoned)

Cass was not going to move, and Lilly was not going around the long way (out another door, and in via the kitchen) so she bit Cass.

Cass moved quickly looking very hurt because she could not understand why good friends like Lilly on her  would bit each other. (Lilly was smaller than Cass's head.

The cats would snuggle up to Cass, and they would all sleep, and Cass would do her best to empty the cat bowl, you could always tell, when she used her big tongue to polish the empty bowl.

Cass's hobby was chasing cats, she never hurt them, and she was fair about it, always giving them a head start. Once I saw Cass siting next to Pumpkin Face who was on a low wall, PF was not interested in games, Cass was sitting there with a big smile, trying to provoke PF into running, so I gave Cass a hug, while PF sneaked off. (slowly, not running)
I had a cockatoo at the store, that now lives in Montana with my brother that would run out into a room screaming and wings out, beak open and chase humans but if you didn't run or dance he got bored and went to his perch.
LOL    My first reaction to a bird like that is normally to mimic it  :-)    It worked with an Emu once   :-)   We got to dancing and then I realized what She was doing, and I stepped away from that scene   LOL 
Good thinking, Emu's are alot bigger than a cockatoo.
Yeah, I had this sudden vision of trying to unload this massive bird trying to play piggie-back with me ;-)
Not a fun visual, but I still think they are amazing birds. We had one at the local drive through game park that really like his reflection in my car.
Yeah, there was one at an icecream place near us (along with a Llama and a few other exotics).  They always seemed quite curious (probably looking for food :-) 

The Llamas though had this nasty habit of spitting in your face if they felt threatened at all.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 You mean the NZ Moa?
nah, even though the Emu is a big bird, it is smaller, not bigger then the ostrich
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
The Moa is extinct.

I got a news item somewhere saying that the female Moa very likely forced most of the males to leave, just keeping a few select specimens. But I wonder if the chosen few were happy, as the females were bigger and stronger.
It is much the same with Hyenas,  the female being quite a bit larger...that is one weird animal reproductively,  the hyena.....
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 How long until they are extinct?

Could that be why there has never been a lady president running the USA?

Ladies, before reacting please note the strategically placed "?" in the previous line.
Emus?  or Hyenas?    Hyenas are being preserved in some reserves.  They have been mistakenly hunted in some areas as have wolves and foxes. 

Nah, in the hyena world,  she is boss, no question about it.  She gets first crack at the food, etc.  But the biological aspects of the offspring for the hyena are fascinating.   At first glance, if you don't take note of size, it is VERY hard to tell a male from a female.  They LOOK anatomically the same.  One has to get quite close (something not advised for wild hyenas) to see ANY difference. And then they are still quite slight.   Fascinating creatures....
Wrong species!
Yeah, but birds are weird that way:  A cuckoo lays it's odd sized eggs in the nest of another, and the Momma bird just raises it, even though it is bigger and uglier then her real chicks, and even though it eventually pushed her real chicks out of the nest....she is completely oblivious to size or species :-)
Scientists in Antarctica often have penguins come and drop a rock at their feet.  That's their "come-on" signal.
Interesting....birds have to have some of the most involved "rituals" in that respect as I have seen some Really odd ones from time to time :-) 
Courtship is a precarious thing.
A friend of mine had a German Wirehaired dog that loved to play with rabbits.  He never hurt them, but he too would give them a 2-3 second head start, and the with a few bounds, overtake them and flip them over while they were running, so that they'd tumble a bit, and start off in another direction....it was really comical to watch :-) 
When I had my store we had neglected and/or abused birds coming in all the time that were crazy in one way or another.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Tim Temple6 years ago

We find it easier and safer to associate with pets, while I know people around here, also know lots of cats and dogs, they come running because I scratch them behind their ears, Ratbag wont eat until he has had 10-minutes of stroking first.

Two little dogs up the road used to rush down to tell me whenever the kids living there left the gate open, I would follow them back, they go back inside the gate, I pull it shut, they stick their heads back thru the bars, and I would stroke them, luckily I got two hands, BUT sometimes a 3rd older dog was outside too.
I can work animals too - do you name them or not? I refuse to name animals.

I know a fellow who started raising goats for sale.  His wife and three daughters named each of them.....  Last I heard, he had a goat plantation!
I like eating goat, it;s super meat. But how do you stand on giving animals names?

Being Aspergers I can shoot George or Suzy without any compunction -- so long as they are animals.  I'm an ovulactocarnovegetarian; I eat anything that doesn't eat me first!
Lateral Thinker (author)  Tim Temple6 years ago
 I eat anything that doesn't eat me first!

Worm? maggot?

Being Aspergers I can shoot George or Suzy without any compunction

Is incorrect, as most Aspies will find that VERY hard to do, so you are Aspie with some non Aspie traits The MK3 version :-)
rocks, gravel and dirt are strictly off my diet.

Did you know the figs are only fertilized by bugs?  That's why they have no flowers.  There are bugs in every fig you eat!

There are Aspergers in the military.  It is designed with us in mind.  You wear your specialty on your sleeve.  You repeat every order back.  you know what is expected.    I grew up on military bases.  Brilliant sargeants would get busted for doing something socially dumb all the time.
I am going to forget you said that when my figs are ripe this year, because I love figs and aspie or not, I am still a girl. LOL
> ovulactocarnovegetarian
.  ROFL! I've been around for over 50 years and never heard that one before. I love it.
.  According to Google, it's a neologism: "Your search - ovulactocarnovegetarian - did not match any documents"*. No wonder I never heard it before. ;)
*That's the first time I didn't get a "Did you mean..." message when I typed in something weird.
The Latin course I took in 1965 finally pays off.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Tim Temple6 years ago
 Tim, your spelling must be pretty good too?
I'm good at spelling; my fingers are lousy at spellihng
I can relate there....I am not as good at spelling but can use spell-checkers, BUT my typing can be atroccious   LOL (atrocious) 
yeah, I have a tough time because I have always tried to do everything perfect, and I get in a hurry and post and then when I read it, I cuss myself out for spelling , spacing etc.
My right hand tends to get ahead of my left at times, no matter how much I try to slow down..... I have typed out a word, incorrectly spelled, as many as 8 times in a row, each time the SAME WAY.....talk about frustration !.....When I am hurrying, is when that kind of thing happens most though...
My husband who can really type, calls me an advanced hunt and peck typer.
Because of my line of work, I have to touch type....and as long as I don't use a typewriter (the backspace key is SOOOO nice on computer ;-)  and don't hurry, I am fine
I was the only person in my class to fail typing not once but three times, I type fast but I have to look.
I almost flunked high school typing -- not because I didn't try!  50 years later I find out why.  We learn things slow, but when we get it, we have it for life.  (except people's names).
I took PERSONAL typing in school, because I did not think I'd become very fast.....glad I did:   20 wpm was a grade D, which meant back then, below standards but passable.  I just barely passed.  In business typing, that wouldn't even be ON the scale :-) 

But then, we were typing on MANUAL typewriters that had a key stroke of nearly 2 inches (each key needed to be depressed that far).   When we moved to "try" the new electric typwriters; the old kind that looked like a regular typewriter (not the one with the ball typeface), I would lay my fingers on the keys, and all the 8 letters I touched would fly up and mesh.   I couldn't use them.....took me  a  LONG time to learn not to rest all the weight of my hands on the keys  :-) 
 I think thats most Aspies trouble
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 I got a lady friend, whom knows nothing about computers, and 3 days ago she sat in front of my public use PC to do a email, and she was a natural touch typist, she has never used any keyboard before. She is very Bipolar, she has no skills like us, yet there she was touch typing 

Yeah, I'm a sesquipedalian too :-) 

I will have to remember ovulactocarnovegetarian   though  :-)   Now my spell checker has it listed ;-) 
Lateral Thinker (author)  Tim Temple6 years ago
Tim, is that a real word? Do you have a link to a on-line-spelling dictionary for Latin? is it a combination?

 What does "Depiug Naila mean in Latin?
Words and phrases are "coined" by buzz.  They get picked up and used.
ovu -- eggs
lacto -- milk
carno -- meat
vege -- vegetables
It is a spoof on the prudish vegetarians.

"Spark plug" is a word/phrase in Russian, Hebrew, French, English, etc.
I am kind of an amateur sesquipedalian myself ;-) 
You give them names then, thanks.

O.K. I have to ask, why don't you give animals names?, do you have any pets or just meat animals? I have animals for meat and animals for friends.
I find names to be human things, animals don't (usually) appreciate / recognise a name.

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I have always seen lemonie as being different.

Anyway, animals would sense from you body language that you were calling talking to them.

Seeing its important to make eye contact when you talk to a human, I suspect you automatically make eye contact with animals, and animals understand eye contact for sure.

Aspie find it hard to make eye contact with people they talk to, meaning we don't get to read facial expressions, which leads to poor communication skills, which explains our preference for communicating in text, but certainly we can make eye contact with animals okay.
But they recognize their own even if it by association, I still don't understand?
I truly am curious I have birds would you call them all bird? or do you talk to them. I know anthropomorphism means what they hear is BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!. and yet I still talk to them and they seem to want my interaction even though they have each other.
 Humans crave for skin to skin contact with other humans, a lot of Aspies need the same but also find it offensive. Years ago, half my life away, I was a bit the same.

Dogs and cats go crazy over me, they crave for similar contact from humans, even talking to them, they don't understand a word, but the tone of voice, soothing tone, makes them comfortable, your body language is communication too, they can sense your mood, they soon know if they should not know you. 

Chris, your birds might have each other, but sometimes they would get tired of each other, and then you would have fresh conversation for them.

What I see your birds as saying, is that you are a interesting person, and they consider you very safe, you voice makes them feel relaxed.

Maybe you have a soft voice like me? Look at Goodhart's pets, your pets, any surprise that Aspies enjoy animals? (Dr Doolittle was a Aspie?)

I got so much gear in my home, I can not have a cat as its likely they will hurt themselves, but I know most dogs and cats in the area, and they know me. Even aggressive dogs don't stay aggressive long, I offer the back of my hand for them to sniff, because the other way is seen to be aggressive behavior by me, plus my fingers might tempt them.

Years ago there was an abandoned dog, I rang the SPCA but the Lady officer was not going near the dog she said as he was growing, she was going to toss biscuits at him, it took her a minute to get the biscuits from her van, when she returned, I had already made a new friend, the dog was wagging his tail, grinning sitting up. Yes he was very hungry, but he needed a friend to talk to first. (Ps, the SPCA homed him a street away from me, and therefore I still see him.)
Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie6 years ago
 Depends on if they answer to names
I find dogs will answer to people they recognise, cats will do what they like and in general I've not known quadrapeds answer to names. Name a cat General Zod, does it make a difference to calling it "kitty"?

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie6 years ago
 my voice, and tone of said voice, Cats and Dogs could not care less why I call them, as long as I call for them.
I think you're quite right there

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Ratbag has a position from which he can monitor a lot of front doors
I don't know,  I have 3 cavies, rodents and they are all housed in the same cage, but if I call Snuggles, she looks at me,  if I call Marshy, she looks at me.....Maura is always looking at me suspiciously   LOL 

When taking them to the vet, it is easier for the Vet to tell them apart if they are named ;-)
I have that book (recent purchase)  :-)    And All Dogs have ADHD too   :-) 
 Great, C can you read things in meeting room one? If not I will try and change settings on the other topics so you can access everything, links to the ten commandants etc

I try for meeting room one now, and I will let Tim know its fixed, Goodhart will arrive here shortly anyway so will Dr What

Chris, meeting with Sharon this morning great, she is from out of area, local advocate utterly useless. The big meeting is 2 hours away
I went pro right away so I have had access with no problem, I think goodhart has been in and out today.
Yeah,  being at work cuts into my time here *chuckle*
My husband once said the only thing he didn't like about his job was it cut into his bowling time.
:-)   Well, mine gives me a LOT of leeway, I must admit....so I don't complain about it :-)     I can do as I please online (as long as it is legal and nothing offensive) as long as I get my work done according to schedule  :-)
He works for the Justice dept. so when times are tough more people do more desperate things and there is no shortage of work for him.
As much as I hate to say it, being unemployed for awhile has had major benefits for me. getting the house worked on, repairs done and getting some sense of self again
Yeah, I am very lucky to have held on to this job, as it suits me very well....not only mostly structured and scheduled out (even though I have to run 3 schedules at once for part of the night), but it alots me time (backups, etc) to read or be in here :-)  it is only for short spurts sometimes...but it is better then the battle of trying to wrest the home computer from others in my home :-) 
I see, I have a laptop that I am on. so the husband uses the desktop.  My brother and I built this laptop so it is alot faster, and has more..... well more  everything
Last year, when my back was "off line", a bunch of the people here pooled together and got me a Laptop....It is not the newest thing out there but it works well, and as soon as I get a little spending money, I will be linking it to "home base" so I can communicate from the living room as well as the back room :-) 
This was a totally crashed inspirion 6000 "older laptop"  someone gave us because it was dead but, it really was just a problem because a pawn shop thought they had removed info from whoever owned it but in reality they installed a second operating system that was trying to run parallel.  Total wipe, re-install, added memory, bigger hard-drive, and voila a laptop.
Time and money just are not on my side though....but I have another person helping me spend what I make ;-) 
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Tell her its time to multi-skill and cross train yourselves, she goes to work, you stay home to watch TV 
Nah, I'd end up having to build one of these  I am afraid and then she would just get jealous....
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
You mean if you let her out, she might run away and never return? :-)
Hmmm,  don't tempt me.....  ;-) 
If I had not had a brother who is a computer geek in every sense of the word, I would not have this. He has all kinds of spare parts, drives etc. fro other computers he has torn down and/or remodeled,  and he is very good at it. The biggest expense for me was the wi fi router for our internet at home.  I went through quest and bundled it with the direct t.v because the husband is a sports fan, so that helped with the price.
Yes, and although I am a bit of a geek, I am mostly a Hardware Hacker (old definition, where a HACK meant one that learned from taking apart, and then "re-purposed" the mechanism).  Also, I am a little better at software then I am at newer hardware (newer then 1990 :-) 
Older hardware is cheaper anyway.  Just add some flavor of Linux.  My desktop has four operating systems on it, selectable by Grub.

The only hacking I do these days is with a hatchet on wood.  I'm learning third world skills for the future collapse.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Tim Temple6 years ago
Have up tried Ubuntu? I am leaving Windows for Os Ubuntu. Just one PC will run XP so I can continue MS Flight Simulator and Train Sim
Yes, I've got Ubuntu 9.10, Debian and Windows on the same HD.  Last month I got hit by a really bad virus in windows.  I switched to Debian and cleaned it out of the Windows sector.  If anything happened to the HD, I've got a D drive with Windows on it as well.  I've also got a collection of live DVD's that can be fallbacks as well.

The older machines need older versions of LInux.  I haven't gone so far back that I would have to have a floppy in the drive to point to the CD.
Maybe so, but I don't think I will ever get my 8088 running again :-) 

I have an old 286, and a 386 at home that "work" but just barely.... I'd have to wipe the HD since there is only a few meg of space left on them (a 20 GB hd is kind of small, and after windows 98SE was installed on it...welll  :-) 
Off Topic- Peter posted that question abut the astronauts, then went to hide in his bunker haha. check it out
No, I was on the warpath, an hour before the meeting, me and my Advocate had a major row, then we both agreed I would tell PM I was unwell and rebook for next week.

My Advocate admitted fault, yep she has worked as care giver for Aspie kids but I am her first Aspie in her Advocate role. So it was about terminology seeing she was from the UK, she is learning from me now, before the meeting.
tell me more about building a laptop, I do it with desk tops, but laptops? 
same only smaller pieces, and set up differently.
I meant, I did not know you could buy the parts separate, I though laptops were all proprietary. 
I get full Income Support, I never smoked in my life as that is a phobia, so I am $50 or so better off per week than smokers on the same Income Support of about $300 per week NZ.
My husband said I could learn how to be a kept woman for awhile.
 Our Work and Income NZ department pays out, unemployment, sickness, invalids benefits.

a few years ago when things were good, they reduced the size of their big office. I predicted that would be a mistake.

With the recession lots of people got unemployed, but as I predicted than thing things get bad, you can count on WINZ to be a growth industry.

their email addresses have 001 before the @, when they leave then return, it becomes a 002 then 003. Last recession there was one at 008

PS this aspie helps the benefit advocates by getting emails and direct dials, for one WINZ person, I put their email versions 001 to 009 into the Bc field, the one the does not bounce, is valid. For direct dials, they all use software numbers, so I work out the prefix for a location, and begin dialing in sequence (late at night) and listen to voice mails, and write down their names, to compile a phone listing. I even found the CEO at national office.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 And you think this forum IS  legal and nothing offensive?
Offensive as in childish stuff like Pornography and such....who needs pictures when one is married to a real live female, right? 
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
 Does it not depend on the Female?

What about Predator Woods? Maybe he should have stuck on one wife plus pictures