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I didn't realize I was the token female

You mean first! 
 Very interesting indeed!  Are females less likely to be aspies, or is it just that this site is mainly populated by males?
From what I read. It Is uncommon for females to be aspies. The numbers are alot lower
It is funny too, that the T-shirt I posted about it being a Gift, has a female on the front of it, and the book I just read, Aspergers and Anxiety has a female pictured on the front cover.....*shrug*
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
 I asked the advocate that is helping me, she is a pom (from the UK) asnd worked with Aspies there she said it was true, but did not know why.

(She is advocating for me, BUT I am having to help her operate her PC, but together, 25 miles apart, we are putting together neat letters)

Chris, you are unique.

The Queen bee in a hive of worker bees.

As I believe we are the forerunners in humans evolving up to the next level, could it bee the next level changes human social behavior too, so its more like a bee hive?

After all, our main trait is we don't socialize well.

Well Chris, if that is true, I am telling you now, I will bow my head whenever I see you, BUT I am not going to work, WE got Goodhart for that.

PS, I wil check with JG whom took me thru that Rdos test, and see what he says, but I already know, its mostly males in the Aspie social group that I am too unsociable to be with.

Goodhard expect JG to be introduced on FB shortly)
HEY WAIT! Who says Goodhart gets to have all the fun?

I am definitely looking more positive at my life since finding, the test, this forum, etc. I will thanking my psych.
That is GREAT to hear.....positive is good :-)   
Lateral Thinker (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
 negative is good too, otherwise no AC to run your TV on.

You told Chris about your knitting yet?
Knot yet  (that's a joke btw  ;-)
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