Megaliciouz Christmas Challenge: Candy

Have you ever made candy so good, that you want the whole world to know about it?

Well, now's your chance! Hello, i'm Megaliciouz here with my first ever, non-official challenge! I bet you could already guess what the challenge was about. CANDY!

Just make an instructable with a recipe for candy on it, and make one of the keywords "Megacandy".

WHAT ARE THE PRIZES?:'s a surprise!

December 24, 2011 at 11:59 EST

Remember, you can make any kind of candy! Peanut, chocolate, fruit, gum, lollipop, anything you can think off that can be categorized as CANDY! GOod Luck to you all, and have a merry christmas!

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mzminty4 years ago
hi im just curious where can i find these candy recipes
Kiteman mzminty4 years ago
The contest doesn't seem to have actually happened, but you could start here:

i entered and never heard back about who won?
GummiBear (author)  AussieAnglerGal5 years ago
There weren't enough ibles to announce a winner i am sorry
haha, thats OK i was just curious :)