Men's Suit Pattern?

I'm looking to make my own men's suit - i.e. jacket and pants. Does any have, or have a link to, patterns for a suit? I can't find anything using google, but not having looked for patterns before, there may be an awesome resource out there that I don't know about. We are hosting a Zoolander-theme party, and I want to make an awesome suit out of animal/snakeskin print material. As a side note, how much effort would it be to make a suit? I'm not talking something that you could display as art, just something that looks the part, and wont fall apart on the night. Thanks! Alex

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gavinh61 year ago


Alfton3 years ago
Men's suits patterns by the custom tailors are usually unique if they are by a famous tailors like David-Fashions, They are very well known custom tailors and also they are experienced.
Lance Mt.6 years ago
For anyone still curious, heres a link to 7 mens suits. http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/men-pages-180.php I'm looking to make a 3piece mens suit. Anyhelp?
trialex (author) 7 years ago
Well, here's the result!

I ended up buying a pattern on ebay for $1. I made this one with alternating black white and orange panels. I wear it to the football to support the Wests Tigers.

I probably put ~30-ish hours into it, so there was a lot of work, probably too much for a one-off party. I'm sure I could go a bit faster next time though.
suit jacket done.jpg
lucek7 years ago
making a suit isn't too hard. it's a bit more complicated than the jackets I've made because of the lining but nowhere near the Flore length cape I made for my sister (if you have a pasture that calls for a 12' seem don't use it.)
one piece of advice keep track of your arms and the notches. it is exceedingly easy to put them in backwards and end up with a suit that wont fit.
BTW it's not free but at $17.99+~3yards of fabric isn't too bad, about $30. sorry if this is too late for the party.
trialex (author)  lucek7 years ago
Thanks for the reply!

The pattern was sold out by the time I read your message.

Will keep my eye out on etsy.

BTW This question is now #1 google result for "mens suit pattern"
lucek trialex7 years ago
yeah that's how I found it. I was looking for one (an Asian style) whenI ran across this.
Seryn8 years ago
Try Winifred Aldriches Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear - warning theres some fairly awful maths involved but its the basics that you can turn int o any pattern you like (after you've gotten over the manths - therapy helps)
Hey, I am znako, I am from Sweden, I tried this website once www.coliseum-suits.com They provide affordable men's tailor made suits, I don't know exactly what do you do or what you need to wear for a zoolander party but anyway...
canida9 years ago
I think you'll just have to haul yourself over to a craft store and root through their pattern books. They'll definitely have suit patterns- it's just a matter of dealing with bricks, mortar, and dead trees. I've only seen novelty patterns online. The clothing pattern companies are decidedly old-school.
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