Metal Detectors

Hey I wanna get into metal detecting, just for fun. I have about a 200-250 budget. I was looking at the Garret 250, but I really don't know what to get. Does anyone here have a recommendation, or something? ,Dano

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i want to make a metal detector using tda0161, when the detector detects the metal from a specific distance the buzzer sounds but as the metal comes near and near the buzzer sound increases!!

so anyone guide me for this

NachoMahma10 years ago
. I stumbled across this -
. Not a recommendation. Just thought you might find it interesting.
TheCheese9921 (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
wow, that was the first site I found when I went searching a while ago, lol
Well go to the store and look at them.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Judging by the responses here, I'd find a site dedicated to prospecting/detecting/etc and ask there.
Brennn1010 years ago
Someone should make an Instructable on how to make a medal detector. I would love to see it!
ask for a metal detector for your birthday or Christmas, it always works for me. :)
TheCheese9921 (author)  chatterbox1473010 years ago
yeah but I just don't know what kind to get
NachoMahma10 years ago
. When I was in my early teens, I built a metal detector that would find US quarter sized objects 2-4" underground. Don't remember any details, but it was just a coil of wire that would balance/unbalance some sort of bridge that would change how fast the speaker clicked. With a bit of care in the construction and modern circuits/components, you should be able to make your own "beginner's model" quality detector for less than $100 US - maybe less than 50. . With a little planning you may be able to build something that you can add discriminators/etc to as your abilities grow.
gmoon NachoMahma10 years ago
Hmmm. I've got an old TAB book about building your own metal detectors from scratch... Might make a good instructable....
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