Metal Gear Solid 4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes

Kotaku: MGS4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes


Hey Kojima, this is a game, not some crap anime show or movie. Tell the characters to shut up already. Jeez.

Super long cutscenes...they remind me why I don't buy Japanese games anymore. And that reminds me why I don't buy Japanese consoles anymore.

Picture of Metal Gear Solid 4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes
zow5661 year ago
You Shut you ***** Mouth While Snake Is Talking!
builderkidj2 years ago
Thats rediculous.!>!>!>!>!>!>!>>!>!.1.>!.
An Villain2 years ago
The cutscenes are traditional, they have been around since MGS1, I find it gives the games an actual storyline, also as one person put it "It's like a great big interactive movie!" That statement is spot on. Also the "Great Big Interactive Movie" Is actually good, not like modern "entertainment" (see: anything on Disney Channel, any movie featuring animals with humanesque intelligence, any movie with a catchy title, cookie-cutter audio and plot, and bland 2-dimensional characters (AKA 99% of non Pixar/Dreamworks movies.) Besides, you can't say the cutscenes haven't invoked some (even a little) emotion in you at some point.
Merugop4 years ago
 lol thats why you need multiplayer dude
nfk114 years ago
wy it rated m.

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