Methods for winding coils

When I read up on the coils used in power generation, I found that the wire used is a type of magnet copper wire, and I bought 1600 feet of it on ebay. My only problem now is winding the coil. I figure I can do something like wrap it a few hundred times around a pole thats slightly larger than the rare earth disc magnets I got. Anyone have any suggestions? Btw, most of my information is adapted from normal rotating wind power generators.

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Goodhart9 years ago
I use something very similar to this: Coil Winding Jig
fafnir665 (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Thats pretty cool. Definitely a great way to wind coils, I will probably look into getting the materials to build one of those now that I know it exists, thank you.
gege fafnir6658 years ago
Hi , I am trying to start a topic on length of the belt. I saw a number 45.5 centimeters ,what is the magic about this number,given that the frequency increases with the decrease of length and increases with the tension . Is it that it brings the resonance close to a certain frequency to allow a rate of delta Phi close to optimum against displacement ?
westfw9 years ago
For relatively small coils with relatively big wire (hundreds but not thousands of turns), I've found a cordless screwdriver to have a useful speed and torque...
gmoon9 years ago
Check instructables.com ;-) Search for 'coil winding'
fafnir665 (author)  gmoon9 years ago
Lol good point, just trying to make this group a one stop shop for windbelt creation =D