Mice or mouses?

I was going to go off topic on an I'ble, but thought the question would be better asked in the forums. I have always wondered if the plural of mouse (as in the one connected to your PC) is the same as the plural of mouse as in the rodent (or favourite cartoon character). I think that the PC mouse is named after the rodent because of the physical similarity, but does that mean that they are the same? Plural of mouse (rodent), is mice. Plural of mouse (PC), mice or mouses? What are your thoughts? N.B. I have been drinking.

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caarntedd (author) 6 years ago
My wife was messing around with her new laptop today, and I noticed one of the items listed in one of the menus is "mice" and other plug in devices, or something like that anyway. So according to microsoft, it's mice. Well shut my mouth.
NB I'm just getting started drinking!

I'd say Meese, (strictly a personal choice), but they do BBQ well with a tangy sauce and at least a gallon of hooch.
caarntedd (author)  trike road poet6 years ago
Have you just started for the day, or is drinking your new lifestyle choice? : )
It's not a choice :-) I've known since I was four, and could mix up a mean Manhattan or gin-on-the-rocks.
caarntedd (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I'm a drunk, it's my job.
Just for the day, have to have a clear head to write. If the political thing doesn't clear up soon, I may make it my new lifestyle choice!
Kiteman6 years ago
Who uses plural mices on their computer anyway?
An Ambidextrous Twit?
On the laptop you've got the trackpad, the nipply button pointer, the wired mouse that goes to the docking station, the wireless mouse, the digital pen on the drawing tablet, and the mouse that goes with the drawing tablet and maybe the wireless presentation mouse.
All at once?
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