Michigan Knex war

Sorry for the late notice, but a Michigan Knex war has been planned.

Here's the link to all the info.

oodammo will be supplied for you.

Picture of Michigan Knex war
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just wondering although this is over is that playground in the bay area?cause it looks really familliar.
Same feeling.... Hmmm I have seen one EXACTLY like dat....
oodalumps (author)  tubanator-2.07 years ago
Probably not? There are a lot of parks like this one.
Why are there never any wars in The UK?
oodalumps (author)  Fred the evil puppet6 years ago
Because we don't live in the UK.
oodalumps (author) 8 years ago
A minor last minute change... It's now in Ohio (most likely same place as Pandemonium was). Not that any of you ibles Knexers care about this important stuff.
BTW: we dont care because most of us ibles knexers cant attend the war in the first place.
Furloy DJ Radio7 years ago
i would if its by ann arbor
That seems like a good choice. The place in the pictures doesn't look like a good place for a Knex war. BTW: I care. However, I still won’t be there.
so its basically Pandemonium v2 now...
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