Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster Update 1

Hooray!!! Update!!!! Thanks to the people of instructables I have been able to make progress on my micro knex killer kobra. Thanks to your votes I have added a Zero-G roll. Apart from that I have added a cutback and a small hill. Now I have two more options for you to choose from. The last two pictures show what each one is.

Option 1: Barrel roll
Option 2: Helix

Just so you know right after one of these elements I will add a propulsion system that will hopefully give me enough speed to add a few more elements. The first element to get 4 votes wins.

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Are there instructions?
Tornado96 (author)  coolknexcreations7 years ago
Sorry there won't be. But after i finish this one i will make a tube supported coaster that I will make instructions of called slashing bear  
JMrocks7 years ago
when will "when you finish" be?
Tornado96 (author)  JMrocks7 years ago
Don't worry JM I'm finishing it this afternoon.
make a video when you finish please
Tornado96 (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
Don't worry I will. Hopefully You tube will finish uploading it. My last two videos stopped uploading right at the end. I wa really annoyed.
Yeah thats not cool
stale567 years ago

How about a half barrel roll into a backwards helix, where you are facing outside instead of inside?

Tornado96 (author)  stale567 years ago
Sorry but I already built the helix.
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