Microcontroller Help!!!

I want to connect a microcontroller to LEDs to make them blink. I know how to wire LEDs and how to write computer programs, but I don't know which controller to use, where to get it, or how to wire it. Any help?

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JayGilly6 (author) 9 years ago
Thanks. This helps a lot.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
just a personal preference, use AVR, you find a lot more help on the web, I think the software is easier to use, it's more powerful, more widely used, and more power efficient
Or something like a Basic Stamp II or Picaxe is something simpler is required.
I've never used Picaxe, but Basic seems a bit expesive to me, at that point I'd wrather get an arduino or an arduino clone
I've somewhat asked the same question lately. Some instructables post a code for lke a regular 555, some use AVR. I have never programmed before. I assume avr can only be programmed on AVR chips? and a regular ne555 can only be programmer on like a JDM?
A 555 isn't a uC, it's just a chip that produces a digital pulse, a timer.
ah, so for all my projects I wont have to worry about programming microcontrollers, excluding projects that require code of which i could put onto an AVR?
could an AVR program a picaxe?
well, here a brief run down a lot of people (when programming) program in C. C is a language for code C is then compiled into a hex file, which is then programmed into the uController For the 555 speed and duty cycle is just based on 2 resisors and a capacitor
alright, but do AVR, picaxe, stamp etc... all use C-compilers? Or if I want to do a project that requires an AVR and a project requiring a Picaxe, I would need different programmers and compilers.
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