Microsoft or Mac?

Are you a Microsoft or a mac? Post your preferences, and vote! Closing date: 30th December 2008!

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yourcat8 years ago
Can your Microsoft desktop do this ? Keep in mind my dual core (2.0ghz) processor is being under-clocked to 1ghz. In the first shot on the right side are screenlets (no not conky) which are simmilar to gadgets or widgets in other operating systems. On the left side of the second shot is a visualization on the highest resolution setting. The background of the second shot is a large photo (8.9mb) which moves around smoothly.
yes, actually it can:
What program are you using ? XP or Vista ? And Im glad to see you use linux.
It was a free program called Yodm 3d. It was renamed Deskspace, and you have to pay for it now, but it is still easy to download Yodm for free (just google it). I think it works on vista or xp, but I use XP. The blackish theme is Royale Noir. It is a never released theme by Microsoft that is now very easy to find.
Maybe not on XP but I tried Yodm 3d on Vista about three months ago and was HORRIFIED ! It took almost 8 seconds after I pressed the button combination for anything to actualy happen. And that was at minimum load, my laptop is rather new (2.0ghz dual core 3gb ram). However it is probably just vista.
The new version looks like it works on Vista, some of the screenshots of the website show vista. You do have to buy it (or bittorrent it), but there is a free trial if you are interested. I wouldn't buy it. It is just one of those programs that you use for a minute and then uninstall when you find out how useless it is.
So its NOTHING like compiz, because I have been using compiz for months now.
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