Microwave Cooking Cheats

How do you use your microwave to speed up recipes? Are there unusual microwave "cheats" you rely on?

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DianneB5 years ago
Loads of food nowadays have the Microwave option. I'm a student so the it's very important to me! I basically use it for everything.
I microwave potatoes sometimes... then either finish in the oven to crisp up the skin or use straight away for gnocchi or potato skins. I still feel bad about the gnocchi thing even though I've seen other people do it too.
For the gnocchi, you just skip steaming and mash/rice the potato after microwaving?
Yep - I think we're on the same page.... hehe.

I nuke the potato in the microwave until the flesh is cooked though then go on to rice the potato.
Moem5 years ago
Not sure it's unusual or cheating, but I use mine to cook rice. Since it's programmable and turns off, you don't have to keep an eye on it, and nothing bad happens if you forgot that you put the rice on.
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
yes, in fact, if it does sit it litte while longer, it is probably better as the rice will continue to absorb water until it is full, and most "MW" rice has to be left to sit for a bit afterwards anyways.
onrust5 years ago
I have seen a stinky kitchen sink sponge get cooked and come out steamed and clean "SMELLING" Also a moist town tossed in and cooked makes for easy cleaning.
garnishrecipes (author)  onrust5 years ago
Whoa. I've tried the dishwasher, but the microwave sounds faster (and possibly more sanitary). Nice idea :)
It works REAL good...... but where does the grossness go? Is it steamed out? Does that mean it is in your MW?
Goodhart onrust5 years ago
the "smell" comes from microorganisms of course, so they die but remain....until the sponge is left out of the heat for a bit ;-)
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