Microwave oven welders for $50

I am selling microwave oven welders like the one in the link below,

the reason I'm selling these home made welders is do you know how much work it takes to build one and make a nice case for one, HA! have fun, but for those of you who don't have the time or patients to build one, then BUY ONE! there's alot you can do with one

the scech of the welders I am selling is the PDF below


the speck's for them are

about 70 AMPS (I'm leaving extra space so when I figure how to get more AMPS,there can be just another part installed and you have more AMPS) and for a little extra money you can have it so you can vari the AMPS ( about $20)

its air cooled

PRICE! for one of these welders is $50 AND $20 for the vari AMP

microwave scech.pdf(551x584) 510 KB