Microwave transformer ballast

I recently got a working microwave transformer for free, it has unknown wattage, though. What's the best way to ballast it? Some people use lightbulbs, I'd rather not use lightbulbs cause that's almost as dangerous as the lightbulb it's self (I'm comfortable with the transformer, I'm not comfortable with a 500 watt lightbulb, ironic?) No saftey speeches, please, lol.

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Plasmana9 years ago
The safest and the best way to ballast a microwave transformer is here.

But the problem is you need two more transformers and three more capacitors...

I also here some people use heating element from hair driers and heaters.. Not a good idea as you have a fire hazard...

And I too have one transformer.
If you look at a MOT there is a third normally unused winding that I read is resistance wire that might be able to be used to limit the current
guyfrom7up (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
yeah, I have the same problem, where to get more...

In my area we just had a bulk waste day (people throw out stuff that the garbage men would normally not take cause of bulk, but 2 days a year they allow it.

I should have gotten microwaves... sigh...

I'll just have to wait till spring.

BTW I got a 7.5KV, 60mA 60HZ NST
I am going to try do some experiments on transformer ballasting (if my dad lets me).
Same here I took apart six microwave ovens but before I thought about using the transformers there were only two left and only one of those is known to work but I am going to test the other as soon as I figure out how to ballast it.......
110100101109 years ago
i think another microwave transformer without load connected (acting as inductor) is ok. leave the secondary allways open or just remove it altogether converting it to a simple inductor an inductor should ballast another inductor in all cases unless there are capacitors involved (capacitors may cancel out the ballasting effect of an inductor) for the ballast use a transformer you feel ok to plug in on its own without load