Million Dollar Bicycle

For a million dollars you can get a bike with the lowest air resistance in the world and hopefully get a better shot at the Olympics. That's what bike manufacturer Koga is claiming for this custom ride designed for Dutch rider Theo Bos.

Oddly enough, they make the claim that since it has only one speed and no brakes it is one of the most difficult bikes to ride. Whatever. That style of bike is called a track bike and if you're in a city you've likely seen people riding them around. It's not that tough.


Picture of Million Dollar Bicycle
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OBar7 years ago
I remember when I was a kid, Wal-Mart had a 20 in. bike called "vector" both wheels had the aerodynamic plates on them, it was a snazzy looking bicycle, and looked pretty futuristic, as was it's purpose.
i would pay a million dollars to watch someone compete in the olympics with a walmart bike!!!
I'm with you!!
ROFL! That's a good one!
frogmeetcog9 years ago
Scheise... and I was appalled when someone mentioned their $3000 fixie they were riding around the city (wrapped in innertube to protect the paintjob, noless) I can just see someone riding around with designer clothing made to look secondhand, on this bike, and locking the shining thing with a cheapo cable lock to a lampost. He/she then looks to see if anyone is watching, and goes into a starbucks. Gawd. Fixies I am totally fine with, as long as they are built by the user, not by a freaking custom frame builder. Maybe it's not a fixed gear: it's got a freewheel AND no brakes of any kind. THAT would be tough (and lethal)!
Brennn109 years ago
$1,000,000?!?!?!?!?! That is crazy! I barely have enough money to buy a $100 bike.
Hey, I'm riding a bike that's worth about $0.10 US. I got it free off the side of the road.
DANG!!!!! That's the stupidest (is that a word?), most painful looking thing I ever saw!!!! I wouldn't even ride that if they paid me a mil. Well, maybe. But clear the streets 'cause no brakes and fast bicycles aren't good combinations when I'm around. And that took how long to make? I bet that was invented a long time ago, labeled: Torture Device. But how fast does it go? My computer won't load any video at all.
yourcat9 years ago
(Owie) that (ouch) looks (ow) uncomfortable (owie).
ajilitee9 years ago
It reminds me of buying Nike's to try and jump higher... what a waste of money.
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