Million dollar software idea for academic purpose.


I have a great idea that could help people who take online classes and more... like people who watches lectures for themselves, or people who are deaf and can't understand what a professor or narrator is saying in video...

It is a good idea but I have no skills to realize. Please if you are interested and has the ability to buy it, it is more than a simple million idea, please message me and make me happy.

Thank You.

caitlinsdad11 months ago

How did you arrive at the figure that your idea is worth a million dollars or more? Venture capitalists are not in the business to make you happy but to only make money.

akumekbayev (author)  caitlinsdad11 months ago
Venture capitalists can never make me happy... I have big plans for money i can get... So, I meant it is just a path to a happiness...

Well, the idea is very good... It has so many pros than cons... It just needs good masterminds to make it happen... That is all I can say...

... and believe me it will make billions... it will i am sure... if everything goes right...