Minecraft Guide Collaboration partner

Ive already started it but if youre interested, inbox me.

Not really much to say, just wondering if anyone is interested.


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~KGB~6 years ago
i hate that game soo much XD
Hiyadudez (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
Then you fail at life,
~KGB~ Hiyadudez6 years ago
clearly, because i dont like a poxy cube game...
Hiyadudez (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
It was clearly sarcasm.
~KGB~ Hiyadudez6 years ago
cj814996 years ago
I would enjoy helping. I'm not the greatest but I know alot of useful things about farming in minecraft.
Masterdude6 years ago
Shouldn't this be in anothor forum? I think this would go under Games. But good idea, it would be useful to learn some hints (maybe some cheats/glitches/hacks ; ) ).
The Nomlack6 years ago
Il help! Some screen shots of some stuff i made!
Pfft. Marios were SO creative mode.
I am the king of creative mode.
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