Minecraft Server: Land of Arcania

Land of Arcania

The Land or Arcania server is a small, whitelisted community playing on a custom map. The server will be vanilla for the players, but there will be plugins protecting the server spawn, as it took a long time for me to build. There will be 15 slots but we will accept probably a few more than that. Myself and the fellow admins will do our best to play legit and with the other players on the server and help them do projects such as an enderman or blaze farm. A couple rules before going to submit an application...

1) No griefing, this is a friendly community and it doesn't make sense to destroy someone else s work. 
2) No stealing, however minor pranks are allowed. Use your best  judgement
3) Obey the admins, we won't ask much but if we need you to test someone, please do it.
4) Please spread out, if you wish to live with a friend that is fine. There is a lot of space in the map, use it.
5) The map has terrain very different from a normal minecraft world, be careful if you die we won't retrieve your things
6) I worked hard to make the world look natural, please keep it like that. No halfway cut down trees. Also, don't build near spawn
7) No climbing on the masts
8) Pvp is allowed. However it is really only meant for fooling around or maybe dueling to see who gets those diamond you two found.
9) Have fun! Probably the most generic rule, but really we didn't make this server to bore you.
10) To prove you read the rules, if you wish to submit an application please include the word caterpillar somewhere in it.
11) NO hacks, x-ray, modded clients or anything that would give you an advantage.

To submit an application: Copy/paste the questions into a comment and fill them out. If you have been accepted you will be Pm'ed a message saying the IP. If you have not been accepted, you probably will not hear back. Please answer the question to the best of your ability.

IGN {In game name}:
How long have you been playing minecraft:
Why should I pick you:
How could the server benefit from having you on it:
Would you help enjoy helping in community projects:
Why do you want to play on this server:
A brief description of yourself:

Note: Those are REAL screenshots of about 1% of the entire map

Picture of Minecraft Server: Land of Arcania
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didexo (author)  lisa0033 years ago
ColeIsBeast3 years ago
IGN {In game name}: ColeIsBeast1025
Age: 13
How long have you been playing minecraft: 1 year
Why should I pick you: I could help the people of the server out if they have issues I could also help out with builds on the server.
How could the server benefit from having you on it: I can help with builds on the server if they need me.
Would you help enjoy helping in community projects: Yes i would :D
Why do you want to play on this server: Whenever I get on other servers they are a griefed to heck. I also hate it when people steal all my iron and diamonds so this server sound perfect for me.
A brief description of yourself: Nice, like being friends with people, likes caterpillars, like to help people out.
didexo (author)  ColeIsBeast3 years ago
Sorry, the server has been closed.
didexo (author)  ~KnexBuild~3 years ago
Why didn't it work out?
didexo (author)  ~KnexBuild~3 years ago
There was never any players on it. It didn't take off like I though it would.
I saw lots of applications on the Minecraft Forums, but I guess people just didn't want to play on it? Well, that really is too bad. I thought it was a good idea. You working on any Minecraft projects now?
D: Alright...
didexo (author)  ColeIsBeast3 years ago
Sorry about that.
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