Minecraft mod: Cannon mod 1.7.3

Here is how to make your Minecrafting life much easier than it already is:

This mod was created by Berkin and with his help I made this trailer.  It's been well received by the community and reviewed by some big Minecraft channels to boot.

Instructions and download:  http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.minecraftforum.net%2Ftopic%2F598851-173-cannon-mod-v17-smp-release%2F&session_token=AKuQGt9jVpiIlrLQ6vqJwEPQGzx8MTMxNTE5MjQ3NkAxMzE1MTA2MDc2

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builder9686 years ago
Nice Halo music! Anyway, what's your minecraft name?
DJ Radio (author)  builder9686 years ago
I don't have a Minecraft account. I'm broke because I like dumping my money in card games so I can play competitively with my friends.
~Meme~ DJ Radio5 years ago
iproberry15 years ago
cool mod...try the X-ray.....with it you can find dimonds and other rare blocks easy!!!
TheRacker6 years ago
Didnt know you had a part of this. Interesting how ibles and the forums are connected.
DJ Radio (author)  TheRacker6 years ago
Wait, what are you talking about?
I saw this on the minecraft forums, and saw that berkin made it. And i remember hearing you mention berkin giving you knex. And then you posted this. I just find it interesting.
DJ Radio (author)  TheRacker6 years ago
Ah yes. Berk happens to be my best friend. He's actually a real member on instructables too.
Why did he stop updating the mod?
I sent him the knex because I no longer used it, and I wanted to see something worthwhile done with the parts. What's so interesting?
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