How many of you Instructatarians play Minecraft?

For those of you who don't, Minecraft.net. Its a sandbox game where you can create and destroy blocks to build structures and dig tunnels in either a vast single player world or collaborate in one of many public and private Minecraft servers with players around the world. Kind of like Legos, but as a game.

For those of you who do, how many would like a private Instructables server? I've been thinking of setting one up.

Picture of Minecraft
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I play minecraft

JezzC2 years ago


Owner: jezzthedigger

Co-Owner: sillyjacinta

We are looking for new players to join our server it's just a small communtiy so far but it would be nice for more people and to expand in the near future some of the plugins we have are

- MCmmo

- Chop Tree

- Backpack

- Essentials

- Grief Prevention

- Mob Hunting

- Vault

and lots more we really are a great bunch of people feel free to come check us out cause i don't wan't to dribble on all day haha.


Pyronite674 years ago
I want it to be my profile pic.
(Note that I am on an iPad, not a computer)
Pease help!
Pyronite674 years ago
Here's my pic,
Pyronite674 years ago
Hai! I love minecraft. I'm on my iPad, and I can't change my profile pic. I need help.
Cyclone17645 years ago
im a fan,
its a good idea of thserver, whitelist it though, only add people who comment on this
TigerNod6 years ago
Yeah, I play Minecraft. Its a fun game. I am looking for people to join our server (currently at 20 active users or something), so if any Iblers would like to come along give me a call!
aseaheru6 years ago
note: i saw ther bacon thing on the side and gold boots are in my head.....
yes please on the server!
Lowney7 years ago
My internet was made in the stoneage and online play is SERIOUSLY laggy for me, so I stick to offline play ;D Tis an epic game though, although I build all my houses as caves. I built a shaft going straight to the centre of the earth, and then dug outwards to make a huge room. It's a sure-fire way to get TONNES of redstone, and Diamonds are more common at that depth too! Be careful of lava though...
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