Hello, fellow instructablers,
I am working on a HUGE Minecraft instructable, and I would like your help. If you would like to collaborate on this, just respond, simple as that.

Tnx Gaiz,
<3 Buzz

P.S. That picture Is of my minecraft sandcastle, the forth tower is now complete and so is the first bridge. To the right is the beginning of the HUGE (at 20 units high now) wall for my mining fortress. Just some fun stuff to get you interested.

Picture of Minecraftible
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EpicZombie6 years ago
Collaboratin time!
signposts6 years ago
Depends on what. Give me the details and i may just help if you still need it :)
Earths_hope7 years ago
Nice sand castle!
bounty10127 years ago
Sure I'll collaborate.
Buzzsushi (author)  bounty10127 years ago
Cool Beans. No griefing (lol), so no deleting anything or doing anything counter productive. Thanks!