Mineros rescatados en Chile

Me alegro mucho por los mineros de Chile que finalmente fueron rescatados. Nuestra solidaridad con nuestros hermanos del pueblo chileno.

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What did you say? :)
blkhawk (author)  resophonicguitarist7 years ago
Basically that I am happy to hear about the rescue of the chilean miners. Our solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the chilean people.
Oh, ok.
onrust7 years ago
Fue un esfuerzo increíble. El evento trajo lágrimas a mis ojos y el amor de mi corazón.
blkhawk (author)  onrust7 years ago
No sabia que escribes en español. Gracias por compartir tus ideas y opiniones.
CrLz7 years ago
Definitely a good thing.

Seems like a good marriage of politics and engineering. Political will to see it done. Engineering to get it done.

blkhawk (author)  CrLz7 years ago
Absolutely! It is my understanding that the equipment used to rescue the miners came from the US.
CrLz blkhawk7 years ago
Yeah, definitely nice engineering teamwork.  I also credit the Chilean government for making the rescue a priority.

"Engineers at Major Drilling Group International Inc. in Moncton, New Brunswick and two Pennsylvania companies — Schramm Inc., which makes the T130 drill, and Center Rock Inc., which makes the drill bits, special pride could be taken in doing their job well to effect this successful rescue." from: http://www.montanawithkids.com/everything-else/201010160740/canadian-and-american-companies-assist-in-rescuing-chilean-miners/