Mini Cannon!

Yay! The mini cannon is back! Youtube user 43287633 (T. Shamir) has returned with more footage of destroying things around the house with a tiny cannon.

Picture of Mini Cannon!
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aaronXtreme5 years ago
I just made one and it works great!
fungus amungus (author)  aaronXtreme5 years ago
Really? Make an Instructable!
aaronXtreme5 years ago
so cool
chrisole5 years ago tells how to build one similar in size
Courtneyk166 years ago
Check out the cannon I just bought! I'm getting mine for Christmas. It looks to be similar to the one posted above, just better made. also look at the videos of it shooting stuff!
I believe the one above was "hand made" IIRC
gilham6 years ago
Cool cannon, but isn't this called instructables for a reason? I see no plans or diagrams or even how it was made? I would even be nice if the author took it apart to show the components.
coolest thing iv'e seen ia while
i think they have these at
ostomesto6 years ago
That thing is awesome. i was hoping to build one using an air compressor blowgun extension for a barrel. i dont have acess to gun posder and dont know how/where to get it. would those little gun caps work instead, a couple of them. if so how could i ignite them thanks
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