Mini Cannon

This video by YouTube user 43287633 shows off the abilities of a tiny custom cannon. Check it out to see this thing take on soda cans, glasses, balloons, and more. Unfortunately, there's no other information about this one, but I do love the fact that the firing range is the creator's own desk. That's some serious confidence in the reliability of the cannon.

via Neatorama

Picture of Mini Cannon
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D-I-O-N5 years ago
i made one by myself
I can see how to make one of them pretty easily but I don't know what the score is with gunpowder here...  
Just don't buy metal tubing and gunpowder on the same credit card.

Living round your way, that would get you a knock on the door from a man driving a cage-wrapped landrover...
True, you can buy me the gunpowder and mail it, with a big label beside the contents saying, totally not a terrorist, that's bound to work...

Eh I really am unsure on that, don't even know about model rocket engines, which has come up in a project before, still on the blocks that one... 
For model rockets, try zinc and sulphur - as far as I know both can be purchased freely across the UK (from chemical suppliers), but together they make a useful (if smoky) rocket fuel.

The first place I heard about it (Rocket Boys) called it zincoshine, because they used pure alcohol as a binder.
 Hmm, I'll  look in to that, the gunpowder's about the only thing lacking for making one of these cannons, I've got everything else needed...
If only there were some sort of website offering instructions on making your own gunpowder.....
but u will still need kno3 charcoal(anything wit alot of carbon really) and sulfur
its not tht hard to find its even on wiki
Ohhh! Ohhh! Maybe it could have instructions on how to make lots of stuff like that!
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