Mini Cannon

This video by YouTube user 43287633 shows off the abilities of a tiny custom cannon. Check it out to see this thing take on soda cans, glasses, balloons, and more. Unfortunately, there's no other information about this one, but I do love the fact that the firing range is the creator's own desk. That's some serious confidence in the reliability of the cannon.

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D-I-O-N4 years ago
i made one by myself

I can see how to make one of them pretty easily but I don't know what the score is with gunpowder here...  
Just don't buy metal tubing and gunpowder on the same credit card.

Living round your way, that would get you a knock on the door from a man driving a cage-wrapped landrover...
True, you can buy me the gunpowder and mail it, with a big label beside the contents saying, totally not a terrorist, that's bound to work...

Eh I really am unsure on that, don't even know about model rocket engines, which has come up in a project before, still on the blocks that one... 
For model rockets, try zinc and sulphur - as far as I know both can be purchased freely across the UK (from chemical suppliers), but together they make a useful (if smoky) rocket fuel.

The first place I heard about it (Rocket Boys) called it zincoshine, because they used pure alcohol as a binder.
 Hmm, I'll  look in to that, the gunpowder's about the only thing lacking for making one of these cannons, I've got everything else needed...
If only there were some sort of website offering instructions on making your own gunpowder.....
but u will still need kno3 charcoal(anything wit alot of carbon really) and sulfur
its not tht hard to find its even on wiki
Ohhh! Ohhh! Maybe it could have instructions on how to make lots of stuff like that!
What a great idea!!! We'll be RICH!!
You two smart-alecs forget that Killerjackalope is in Northern Ireland.

On top of the OTT UK restrictions on materials that could potentially become weapons, his little corner of the Kingdom has had decades of violence in which home-made bombs played a major part.

It's the only part of the UK where police are routinely armed on street patrols.


In other news, water is wet and the Chinese eat eggrolls. :P
The Chinese eat spring rolls and summer rolls, at least in Beijing.  It's a big country, and I've only been to a tiny little over-populated bit of it.
Stop ruining my stereotypical statement with your real-world facts!

Are they as delicious as the Americanized version of Chinese food? Or do they taste funny? :D
 Well, at least you didn't mention fortune cookies.

and what tales do you have to tell from your time off, Ms. Lithium Marco Rain Polo?

Strange tales of unimaginable oddness...or maybe that was just last night's thai food giving me weird dreams.
If I'd eaten anything worth talking about, I would. somehow gummi bears and turkey on white bred seems undeserving.
:-D  Well, what I discovered was that Beijing local food was pretty similar to your average San Francisco Chinese, but quite different from Vancouver or L.A. Chinese (both of which have strong Hong Kong influences). 

As for "Chinese" between the Rockies and the Shenandoah Valley, all I can say is that it's about as authentic as a Charlie Chan movie ;-/  I think that means, "they taste funny."
From California to the New York island,
From the redwood forest, to the Gulf stream waters
This eggroll was made for you and me...
Zincoshine's a rocket propellant, though.  I don't know if it expands quickly enough to drive a cannon ball.
Hmm, it's possible, could do a rather long version of the cannon to make it effective with slower expanding propellants...

Alternatively I could try a fuel air one to start with, I probably have the parts for that in my junk drawer... 
How about, like hairspray or deoderant instead of gunpowder?

It won't just be cool, it would smell good too....

or astrore that sales cap guns u can take the powder from them
do u have a store that sales party pullstring confettie popers
If you are patient enough, you could wait for New Year's Eve and buy some firecrackers. They are quite cheap and you would get black powder and fuses at the same time. Where I live (Germany) you get 6 huge or many (I think more than 40) big, medium and small sized firecrackers mixed as one pack for 2€ (1.7£ / 2.6$).

These are the crackers ( I found the pictures somewhere on the Internet ):
mix pack

Maybe you get similar crackers where you live. I think black powder would be one of the best propellants.
Fireworks are illegal without a license here so that puts that off the table
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Fireworks are illegal in Northern Ireland? Even in the bureaucratic Germany, where nearly everything that could be dangerous is illegal, every adult may buy amateur fireworks.
their ilegal in Canada too
No there not illegal in Canada. They don't sell them many places anymore, not on the coast anyway, but I got a whack of them in Winlaw recently, including some 2" mortars and DOT Class C multi packs, bottle rockets and such. They did put more restrictions on KNO3 a year ago, but fortunatly I still have 5 kilos =).
Um, er, don't you mean "how to score gunpowder"?
 I believe that is pubspeak for "what's the deal with that little bit o' gunpowder" or "dang, it's really gunpowder used in there".  You have to have tiny balls to use that thing.
"stifiles laughter*
 Hmm, probably do, though I could ask the neighbour, he has a variety of blank firers and shotguns...
 I saw a blackpowder derringer that shoots BB's that uses just the ignitor / percussion cap for propellant. It would be more complex with the firing pin and all, but still pretty sweet.
I think he meant that he wasn't sure it was legal to buy gunpowder where he lives
Uh, huh.  And so did I.
Ah, uhm...... ok.
I wish some one would make a instuctable on how to make one of theese( or something like it)
technom6 years ago
Awesome. But if it can destroy a mug, this thing is dangerous. TOO dangerous for its size. xD
bemko6 years ago
all you nead to make this is a mini lathe some brass and free time i made a lot of mini cannons like this (y think y gona make a instructible on this mini cannon)
DJ Radio6 years ago
I wonder how you make that...
Dude, that's the easiest construction ever made in the history of mankind. I'm sure you'd be able to build one of those cannons just by looking at it.
I mean knowing the materials used, and how they were crafted.
rhysc76 years ago
why light it with a smoke
thebair rhysc76 years ago
if you use matches you might end up droping it and start a fire very quick,but with a cigerate you can get it off the floor in time.(don't smoke it can give you lung cancer and kill you.)
churious6 years ago
He would have got glass in his keyboard.  And I though crumbs were annoying.  :P
Luv it. Luvvit.
knektek6 years ago
extra GUNPOWDER!!!!
nicolo866 years ago
Jayefuu6 years ago
I sure wouldn't have done that that close to my computer....
I found an old video of me making a rudimentary furnace like thing on my desk, the excessively cluttered desk, with computer, flammables etc.

Nothing went wrong... 
 Luck o' Irish?
Yeah, i was thinking the same thing.
ampedonus6 years ago
can you make a brass monkey to go with it, i've allways wanted to see the balls frozen off a brass monkey :-0
Joenavy856 years ago
i'm skeptical, it looks to me like the cannon is always aimed horizontally when he fires it, and with how easily it pivots it makes me think the video is fake. now i'm not at all saying it's impossible because i'm sure anybody with basic machining ability and knowledge of physics could do it
mr. clean6 years ago
if u have ever seen those little poppers known to most in the U.S as booby traps they have more than enough powder in them in fact its a pretty dangerous amount in just one, so just get a box of those for 12 cents and carefully use a needle to unroll them and get the powder. also the sho gun brand seems to work best and provides the most amount of powder for ur money.
Great vid :D

The whole video I was either going like "Awesome!" and "I really hope the thing suddenly goes a little right and shoots right through his computerscreen :p"

But he sure as hell would need to have tested this a few times before shooting (I couldn't believe he hit that balloon the very first time around)

also looking forward to Lemonies and Killerjackalope's instructables :)

I'm wondering how powerfull the matchheads would be... If it's strong enough for this and an ible is coming along I'll start grinding up matchheads :D
Strike-anywhere match-heads are good. If you grind them do it under alcohol (e.g. meths / methanol). Otherwise crush them carefully.

Hmm, I'm sure I've got something kicking about to do it.  
Wait and see, I'll pick up the matches tomorrow and do some tests with stuff from the junk drawer... 
Nice, looking forward to it :)

i subscribed to you so I'll get notified when the ible is published should you make it :)

Let me know how the experiments worked out.


I'll keep you up to date with it... 
plz show us how its made
Why don't you contact YouTube user 43287633, who was referenced in the very first line of this posting as the person who made the video?
lemonie6 years ago
I used to make small canon like this, with powdered match-heads. Powdered match-heads is what I see as propellant in the video.

I am an eejit, I forgot match-heads do this... Expect an 'ible soon then... 
If you do, I might think about one myself. Although I use to use brake-pipe, which I don't have any more

I'm sure I have a ton of stuff to use but I will make a nice solid brass one, though the outer probably won't be as prettily lathed...  
Shall I call ahead for reservations for two at the Darwin Awards ceremonies?
Considering the number of times I've left my street riding car bonnets, yes, yes you should... The cannon will probably be an honorable mention... 
that can be a discreet weapon...
gentlemen! i present to you the ultimate in pellet gun technology!
bowmaster6 years ago
Wow, this is like a fingertip cannon!! I thing the mug was the most impressive test.
skelly74476 years ago
shoot it at a full can
amen, but shake it up first!!
I second this suggestion :)
 I laughed the whole time with giddiness; I wouldn't want to clean the pieces of glass out of that keyboard though. 
kcls6 years ago
Darn, now I really want one! I wonder how many little metal pellets he has sitting around his house.
zascecs6 years ago
 Whoah! Don't underestimate small things!!!

By the way, if I were him, I wouldn't be shooting next to a computer...
 By the way you dont need to use gun powder if you dont want to but you can use crushed match heads   :)
Love the precision use of tweezers to load it, the little tamping rod and the carefully measured out powder, followed by igniting it with a nasty old cigarette butt.  That's a WTF?

btw, needs work...