Computer Parts

I am looking for PC computer parts. Needs to be compatible with Win XP, Or 2 ghz processor.

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ry259209 years ago
I have a Penium 3 processor, modem card,Graphics card, PCI bus,network card, case, power supply, +an entire Penium 2 computer. It runs at about 1.2ghz. Anything here you need? PM if so.
CowGuy9 years ago
I have a striker Extreme gaming motherboard. I bought it for $300 about 5 months ago if your interested. Supports the new 45nm CPU's too.
gimmelotsarobots (author)  CowGuy9 years ago
Ah! The motherboard was what I was having the most trouble with! (It being old and all) How much are you willing to offer this for? And just so you know, I am poor. :0 :)
Gjdj39 years ago
what type of parts do you want?
gimmelotsarobots (author)  Gjdj39 years ago
Anything. Hard drives, Power supplies, CPUs, Motherboards, Video cards, Sound cards, Ethernet cards, whatever! I have a huge case from a dead computer, But I am cursed with pooritus. My current computer has a pentium 1, a 20 GB hard drive that I sadly cannot erase due to important docs, and it got hit by lightning(well, it went through the phone line). It sucks, believe me. It has seisures running anything that is not pixelated.
Ah, I'll have to check. Unfortunately I may have scrapped most of the good parts already. I'll check and put up some pics.