Mini Maker Faire during Cambridge Science Festival

On May 7th there's going to be a Mini Maker Faire as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. I participated last year and it was a lot of fun, and I'll be there again along with some other folks from the Boston area. The science festival goes on from April 30-May 8 so there are a lot of other cool things to check out there too.

If you are going I'd love to chat with you at my Soft Circuit Saturdays booth : ) It'd be nice to meet some more local makers around here.

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KentsOkay6 years ago
Durn! WIsh I had seen this earlier, I would have loved to come out!
That's Cambridge Massachusetts, for all of us Brits.....You know, the fake one.....
Funny thing is I thought this would be for Cambridge England.

Looks like I missed out :(
Ah, just a WEE bit further then I can travel just now....I will have to wait for the one in Queens, later in the year. BTW: Thanks for the clarification steveastrouk....I wasn't sure myself which Cambridge it was and didnt' care to look really :-)
The ironic thing is the "Boston" - the real one, isn't THAT far from Cambridge (the real one) either !

For me, it isn't "too" far for me, if I can drive there in less then 3 hours, or walk there .... ;-)
Which means it is too far from me, even though they are close together...
Aww...we should make ours New Cambridge. Super creative.
There is to be a UK mini Maker Faire in Brighton on the 3rd of September... I'll post proper details soon.