Mini Utility Boot CD or boot drive......

I often work with computers installing OS's...changing mobos, adding and removing hardware, some of you already know this ( your annoyed of all my computer questions lol :) )but lately I have started working in batch ( I MADE THE BEST APRIL FOOLS PRANK ( I will put the code on sometime)) So i know basic stuff @echo off,echo,cls,......(very basic) To the point now, I want to make a disc that I can boot form Bios that will allow me to run some basic utility's (eg:scan disk, format, check disk......maybe even a dos interface) It would be nice to have a screen that i could choose options from via keyboard. dose anybody got any ideas ? if anybody got ideas on possible utility's that would help too the image is what i woul like it to look like

Picture of Mini Utility Boot CD or boot drive......
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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Have you tried BartPE?
littlechef37 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Can i just make a dos enviorment type thing and run a batch file ?
Probably not, take westfw's advice. It would be too hard to do in batch...
OH, does he mean at "boot time". If so, I agree.
westfw9 years ago
You could download The System Rescue CD or something like Tom's RTBT. These are live-boot linux systems pre-loaded with someone's idea of "useful" utilities for disk recovery/etc (including non-linux file systems.) You can customize them by adding your own choice of utilities as well, although I'm not sure whether you can run DOS programs under the linux kernel.
Then there's FreeDOS.
Goodhart9 years ago
The absolutely Easiest way to do this (my age is showing here, having used DOS for so many years) is to "print to the DOS screen, the choices you have" and then set up a pause to stop the "action", then, "read" the next keystroke and branch from there. You can even loop it back if an invalid key is punched :-)
The best way to do what I just said then, would be to "number" your choices, so a single keystroke can have you off and running :-)