Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2

Toy inventor John Austin released Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 (Chicago Review Press) this past October. This awesome sequel to the Mini Weapons series includes over 30 new mini weapons with which to terrorize your office with. Here's an excerpt from the press release:

"All the projects in Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 are built from inexpensive, commonly kept items: binder clips, playing cards, rubber bands, markers, clothespins and discarded packaging materials. The projects - modeled after real-life gadgetry - range from "sidearms" and "weapons in disguise" to "villain mini weapons" and "surveillance and intel" and cost mere pennies to assemble. This easy-to-follow primer also features plans to construct periscopes, bionic ears, grappling hooks and code wheels. plus, each project includes a supply and tool list, italicized safety tips and step-by-step instructions supplemented by clearly marked, illustrative diagrams"

I managed to get my hands on a copy and made the Grappling Hook Gun; the project was easy to follow and my project came together in under 30 minutes (including the time it took to snap a few pictures). My grappling hook went about 20 feet and I'm sure it could travel further with a few minor tweaks! So if you're reading this while sitting bored at your desk, take a look around you. If you're surrounded by un-used rubber bands, pen caps, and markers, perhaps it's time for you to assemble your own office supply arsenal!

For Authors outside Canada, USA, UK and Australia
The first 3 comments left here with a picture of your own version of an office supplies mini weapon of any type will receive a free copy of this book!
All books have been claimed!

Picture of Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2
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jdomingo54 years ago
ive build a gun shoots matches it is not made of clothespin ive put gun powder with foil
Cool - you should take photos and post an instructable!

(Sorry, all the free copies of the book were claimed about two years ago.)

Kiteman, how do you do the small font?

You can't, not in comments, not any more. The comment posting software got changed a few months ago.

Oh, okay. Thanks!

digger1oo16 years ago
can i please have a copy i really want one and im so into this stuff please can i have a free copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im begging you if yes pm me please or pm me saying no pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mikeasaurus (author)  digger1oo16 years ago
You can totally get a copy, you just need to post a picture here of your own mini-weapon creation and live outside the US, Canada, UK, or Australia.

Why do you have to live outside? I think it's not very fair, because it shouldn't matter about where you live.

mikeasaurus (author)  LiveCrafts2 years ago

This was aimed at giving people who could not win a contest on our site something they could win (this was 3 years ago, so our rules have changed slightly)

Oh, I get it. I did not know that! That's a pretty cool thing you guys did there!

but im in china and I want one, pudong shanghai jingao riverside garden

jdomingo54 years ago
ive build a gun shoots matches it is not made of clothespin ive put gun powder with foil
Rich05015 years ago
Hey bro I have made a gun from a couple of pens,tape and an orbit container
The pic 's here
Hey bro, i constructed a pen gun powerful and easy to use I know its finished, i just want to put it on, that's all, there is also a tutorial on how to make. You can make it at school in 10 seconds after you master it.
Johnhall445 years ago
I got both of the books for christmas
do i get a copy pls send me a pdf plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls
hey mann this is my rubberband gun i made it out of wood then covered it with scotch tape the put a binderclip as trigger.
I think the inventions are cool, but I really must say that the title of the book makes me sad. A little bit of fun during the daily grind though is cerainly a wonderful diversion
T0C6 years ago
Here's a question, can you ship to Bulgaria? (because the last 7 prizes i won couldn't) If you can i'll be uploading the next pic
mikeasaurus (author)  T0C6 years ago
There's no specific shipping restrictions that I am familiar with regarding shipping to Bulgaria from the US. Share your mini weapon and you'll earn yourself a free book!
T0C mikeasaurus6 years ago
How about this pen, it's modified to shoot it's cartridge (by pulling the string witch compresses the two springs) a long way accurately, It doesn't hurt but sure is annoying.

I also have a MacePen but I thought that would be too stupid(looks cool tho and hurts like hell).
mikeasaurus (author)  T0C6 years ago
Hrm, looks just like a regular pen to me. Can you share more pictures to show how you've modified it?
T0C mikeasaurus6 years ago
That's the point, here is a more disassembled pic. It doesn't look like much but it sure is effective(shooing is kind of tricky)

(sry bout the background.).
mikeasaurus (author)  T0C6 years ago
Alright, you get the last book!
T0C mikeasaurus6 years ago
Thanks! Can't wait to get it!
bli16 years ago
My little popsicle knife.
Photo on 11-28-11 at 5.13 PM.jpg
bli1 bli16 years ago
i mean popsicle stick knife
chicopluma6 years ago
how about a thumbtack catapult
mikeasaurus (author)  chicopluma6 years ago
What country are you in?
Costa Rica
mikeasaurus (author)  chicopluma6 years ago
Congratulations, you win a copy of Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2!
Thanks, and how do you send it, or it is online?
mikeasaurus (author)  chicopluma6 years ago
I'll be sending out a PM when the remaining 2 books are claimed, you'll fill in your shipping address then.
Hey can i plz still get one even though I'm in U.S.
and the micro version
Seems dangerous... something I want to buy!
This is my Matchstick-Rubberband-Gun. It can hold up to two rubber bands.
It´s made of four and a half matchsticks (the big ones), glue and a paperclip.
mikeasaurus (author)  one-lightbulb6 years ago
Super! Your profile says you're in Germany, is that correct? I'll contact you via PM for an address when the last book is gifted.
Thats right! I live in Germany. About 50 miles east of Cologne.
FrozenIce6 years ago
okay so i really want one, what do i have to do to get it??

PS: i live outside of the US, Canada, and australia ( to be more precise, i live in the european part of the middle east... dont worry i wont bomb u or anything, but is there any way i can get a free copy? if not just say it...
thx :D
joey996 years ago
Here is a pic of a pilot g-2 07 connverted into a blowdart gun (I Made this up in math class!)
joey99 joey996 years ago
never mind i missed the outside part. were can i get a coppy though?
Doganie6 years ago
I made a BB Pencil! I have the first book! It's so awesome! :D
Doganie Doganie6 years ago
Oh, I didn't read close enough! Key word: outside :) Oh, well, I had fun making a BB Pencil, now time to terrorize my cat >.>
ya i did the same thing
Brian Wall6 years ago
hey i made this bb shooter with a pen
mikeasaurus (author)  Brian Wall6 years ago
Nice! What country are you from?
mikeasaurus (author)  Brian Wall6 years ago
Awesome, but regrettably I can't award you a copy of the book as you're in one of our current shipping countries.
are you serious thats bull that means like asia is pretty much the only place left :(
mikeasaurus (author)  Brian Wall6 years ago
This giveaway is just for authors that aren't in our official shipping areas, since there's plenty of International members that can't win prizes in our usual Contests and Challenges. If you're not already aware, you should probably read this, there's loads of places outside of China that we are working on adding to our list of shipping locations.
nerd976 years ago
I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!
Kiteman6 years ago
What an excellent idea!
mikeasaurus (author) 6 years ago