Minimalist 2 wheeled robot with front, left, right sensors, and line following

I'm scouring the web for a tested design for a 2 wheeled (+caster) robot with an arduino and 3 sensors, left, right, forward and a line following sensor. Can anyone recommend a specific design (not a kit, but just a tested configuration?) Thanks!

Downunder35m4 months ago

With all the requests for the same particular robot problem in the last two weeks I am starting to wonder if there is a robot school project due somewhere soon....

pitosalas (author)  Downunder35m4 months ago

Funny, but no. I am actually creating a course. Where have you seen the same one, because I would like to look it up!

Well, my bad I guess...
We just had a lot of robot requests but won't be of any real use for you as noone replied with more specifics or progress.
If you need something as a project then have a search for the robotic stuff on Instructables - there are plenty to choose from including line following robots.