Minor bug - stats card wrong

My shiny new stats card says I have 104 Instructables - I have 105.

I don't know if there are mistakes in other areas.

Picture of Minor bug - stats card wrong
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bowmaster7 years ago
38% featured? I have 33%!!! And I'm not that popular.
Yeah but with you 33% means 1 featured ible With Kiteman it means more like 40 ;) But keep up the good work :)
I know, it was a joke. Kiteman is awesome.
Kiteman (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
He's so awesome, we have a Kiteman day at my school.
Kiteman (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
>rolls eyes<
DJ Radio7 years ago
In "Comments", it says I have over 9000 more comments than in the comments box in my profile when you scroll down somewhat.
V-Man7377 years ago
Well jeeze, come on! How do you expect them to keep up with you?? They'll probably update it and then you'll go and make ANOTHER Instructable! :-P

Yeah there appear to be more bugs but they are working it out pretty quickly :)

Check this topic and post your bug there to. It's the general topic for bugs involving the baseballcard.