Microwave Oven Transformer Stack

This is my Microwave Oven Transformer stack. It is currently current limited using a heater.

There is approximately 10 36 watt 4' fluorescent tubes in a string around my garage that I am lighting with the MOT stack .

My MOT stack contains 4 Microwave Oven Transformers connected with their outputs in series and their inputs in parallel. They are mounted on plastic cutting boards. I am using threaded rod to hold the layers in place while the PVC pipe covers the threaded rod and it also supports some of the weight.

The output of this is approximately 8800VAC at 350mA The Input voltage is 240VAC

Thanks for looking, Please comment and remember to rate if you like it!

Just say if you want any pics of a certain thing, e.g. the MOT stack arcing to wood/metal etc. (I will try to get more pics of it arcing soon but it is hard to use a camera that has like a second delay before it takes the actual pic from when you press the button, stupid camera) ********************************************************************************************************** Edit The new pictures are of an arc between two carbon electrodes. The other pictures are of 12 fluorescent tubes connected in series but arranged in parallel so you can see them all

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Could you please make a step by step
Plasmana8 years ago
Man you did a good job! I wish I had more microwaves to salvage for their transformers.. :P
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Thanks Plas, I will hopefully be submerging them in oil so I can run them with a bigger ballast, so I can get sparks like yours :-) It took about 4 trips to the tip (dump/waste disposal etc.) shop (they put things that people might want that was sorta in the garbage up for sale. I had mostly one each time, but sometimes I scored good and got 2 microwaves. (I have 5 MOT's all up), one that is going to be a ballast.)
Nice, I only use one transformer for voltage and the other as an ballast. Those huge arcs I got in the end was completely unexpected, I never knew why those arcs are huge. Until some helpful guy told me why...

Quoted by HighVoltageScience
The burned out sparkler make bigger arks cause
the burned part is a insulator and the wire is a
conductor that makes a capacitor and make's
bigger arks.

I don't know how to describe it in non technical form, so you will have to figure it out.. :P

I am (hopefully) going to the car boot sale in about a week, I might find microwaves there :-D
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Wow, The sparklers are capacitive? You might have been achieving near resonance with the MOT's, Because that can give you monster arcs
Yeah, I thought so... :-D When i get a chance, I am going to add two microwave oven capacitors to the circuit to get the transformer to it's resonance to make big arcs. BTW the link you gave me is blocked.. (I am at collage) So I won't be able to see it untill I get home which will be about a week. :-( I might forget it by then, lol
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Have you tried using a proxy to get onto the sites? Have a look at the list here and try inputting that link I gave you. Look out though, because if your collage techies will probably start to block them, if they haven't already done so
That is also blocked, lmao Is there some kind of code that I can download onto my usb key back at home and take it to the collage computers to get some sites unblocked?
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Hmm, I don't know if there is some kind of code to do that, sounds like your collage has some tight filtering. How about a forum topic?
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