Missing Hard Drive

My teacher's laptop booted up one day and gave the message "internal hard disk drive not found". The hard drive makes a kind of clickin clunking sound on startup. His college class files are on there, along with our yearbook. Any ideas?

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. I have to agree with What and Tech. Let's hope your teacher learned his lesson about backups.
assums philosophers voice in todays day and age, any true computer user has to be emotionally and data-wise braced for his sytem to fail, crash, shut-down,lose power, or even self destruct at any time, without notice.
. Yeppers. My important stuff (mainly music and CAD files) is on a RAID1 and the work stuff gets backed up off-site every day.
. As I tell my clients; It's not a matter of if the HDD (or system) will fail, but when it will fail.
iman NachoMahma9 years ago
if your data doesn't exist in two places it doesn't exist at all.
NachoMahma iman9 years ago
. I like that. Consider it stolen. ;)
iman NachoMahma9 years ago
you use raid one? why? raid 0 and a backup ide drive would be a faster and more powerful setup.
. Not that worried about speed - reliability and recoverability are my main concerns. I don't run CAD or audio apps on the server, so faster drives wouldn't do me much good. . It uses a card that does most of the maintenance in the bkgnd for me, which I really like. And it will reliably rebuild when I swap drives for off-site backups. All in all, it makes it convenient enough (let's face it, backups are a PITA, I don't care who ya are) that I usually have good backups available. . And, yeah, I bought a spare controller card for when it craps out. . If I can ever figure out how to get software RAID5, Linux, and WinXP to cooperate, I want to set up a 1TB server - just so I can say I did it.
iman9 years ago
here recommend this to your teacher.
zachninme iman9 years ago
That doesn't help. Thats for recovering data off of formatted drives, or files that have been "deleted". If you can't get it working at all, its not going to help.
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