Missing patches?

Reasonably sure there's something not right at hand here, I happened to notice that I have more burning question patches than I remember and I'm missing a newsletter patch on profile, not sure if that's all but I suspect that burning questions are taking over my whole profile... I happened to noticed this about the time I got a yummy cookie from fungus there...

gmoon8 years ago
Well, I have no patches at all, despite having been featured on the newsletter a few times and wining something in the first laser contest (but I have a t-shirt, some patches and stickers and a nice little laser-etched plaque...)

I guess you have to bug the staff if you're missing something...
sir-zeke8 years ago
they wear off after 2 months
Kiteman8 years ago
Mine are variable - sometimes I see them all, sometimes I don't, but when I don't, there's a "view all" link to the right of the page.
Goodhart8 years ago
It's the Mad Scientist yummy cookie patch transformer !

I just checked and all mine are intact not that I had any great number or anything