Mobile phone screamer?

Has anyone got a schematic or instructions for making a noise generator I can attach to my cell phone through the mike/earphone jack? I am getting a lot of "junk" calls with faked return numbers, who will not remove me from their call lists and typically call 3-5 times a day, even at night. My provider (AllTel) says there's nothing they can do to help me block calls with bogus or "unavailable" return numbers. OK, I admit this is more for my own sense of justice than anything else, but I'd sure like to have some sort of oscillator that would generate enough volume at a high pitch to at least give them a nice headache.

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Leahhayhoe4 years ago
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Rishnai9 years ago
You could try a dial-up modem.
rjogden (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
Thanks, but I'm looking for something a little more portable. I've got diagrams of noise generators using 555 chips but I need to be sure the output isn't going to damage my phone.
Hmm, I am not sure how things are where you are at, or how the phone system is worked, but here in the USA, any non-FCC approved addition to the phone line must have strict controls attached to it. Isolation of power source is one biggie.

That isn't hard, just required. A battery as psu and an audio transformer between the device and and phone connection itself will suffice most of the time. This way you can guarrantee that only audio is going into the line. Do you know what I mean? Using one of the noise generators you mentioned, you can isolate the circuit using the audio transformer, but still get the audio into the line.
rjogden (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
I understand - that's not an issue. It's my CELL phone they are attacking, so there's no danger of damaging a hardwired leased line - only my own phone. I've got to admit, I haven't kept up with electronics - lost touch after the transistor took over (seriously - my last majro project was a three-TUBE radio ;o). And I've never worked with audio transformers, at least not enough to know what I should be shopping for. Also, the circuits I've seen don't seem to provide any means to AMPLIFY the noise. I'm not saying I want to blow out anyone's eardrums, just discourage them from calling. And it doesn't HAVE to be a 555 - those are just the only "ready-to-build" curcuits I've found online. I remember when a super-simple oscillator circuit was made with an electromagnet...well, that was old days, and much lower frequencies than I want.
It's my CELL phone they are attacking

Ooops, sorry about that. That will be harder to make automatic. If all you need is a device to create the noise and want to manually answer and press the speaker to the phone, that would not have too detrimental an effect on the phone (I wouldn't think anyway). Of course, that is a bit of a pain too.
I've been known to take one of those air horns that people take to football games and give repeat tele-scammers an earful.
rjogden (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
Ah, yes - but then I'd have a lot to explain to my neighbors, co-workers, etc....
Of course, that is probably the simplest solution :-)
Of course, if people always took the simplest path, I'd have considerably less entertainment.
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