Mod of Katarukito's Knex slingshot prototype

This is a modification of the sling shot prototype made by Katarukito's (I hope i spelt that right) knex prototype sling shot knex gun. It can pierce cardboard at fifteen feet away with one band and twenty to thirty feet away with two rubberbands (UNSHARPENED BULLET) I modified the barrel with a new barrel, that may look ugly but if you want i can take off the blue and red connectors that make the humps/ scales of what i call... Dragon Head Knex Gun DHKG well i didn't intend on putting those there but it turned out as a dragon and well, i went with it... the barrel doesn't bend and when or if i do post it, all credits go to Katarukito! Enjoy! Sorry for the blurry pictures it was night time and i had to pee like a race horse... Pic 1: The bullet - A red rod or tan rod with tan clip Pic 2: Front view (DRAGON HEAD) - Front of the gun where rubberbands go Pic 3: Another front view (Barrel) - Front of the gun better picture Pic 4: A view of the back (Part of Kataturi's knex gun prototype moded) - View of barrel and handle Pic 5: Better picture of back (Katarukito's prototype still able to be seen, just modified) Pic 6: Full gun - (the full DHKG) - Aprox. Two to two and half feet long ~ Pic 7: A view of the gun loaded - Gun is loaded Pic 8: A view of the gun loaded from the front Pic 9: Back of the gun with sights

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Katarukito9 years ago
wierd thing about the guns i made is that it doesn't have that much power anymore wah :( the rubberbands i bought were like chains
mrbox (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
I modded it even further and made a bigger dragon head that holds up to eight rubberbands and is as hard to replace rubberbands as a bow.... it takes forever getting it through the right way so that maximum power is achieved through the stored energy of the elastics... its only powerful because my rubberbands are...

if i used type 64 rubberbands on the gun, the chain of rubberbands would eventually weaken due to the knot or connection between the bands weakening the stretch ability, therefore lowering its power by a great amount....

The barrel doesn't bend at all due to the spikes =) and the odd barrel because the sides cause the frame to not bend because if you think about it a normal barrel would bend up because it doesn't have support, mine acts like a bridge pretty much, it divides the tension through those "spikes" thus lowering the bending of the barrel ;D the only thing i have to do is tape the tan clip to the rod so it wont break off, or use a red connector with a grey rod ;D!
Katarukito9 years ago
nice, but what are all those spikes for?
spikes make everything better!
especially on chairs
(so that's what that was...)
oh poor dsman
mrbox (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
Well they are there to support the side supports but they aren't really necessary, the barrel is already strong enough... but it does act as a cool decoration for the random theme of the gun... hehe it was pretty random..