Modded nerf guns for sale on ebay! I'll mod them just for you. Look inside.

Ever wanted to snipe a freind from 80+ feet away with a suction-cup dart? then you need a modded nerf nite finder!

How about the urge to unload 10 shots of foamy death in under a second? Then you need a modded nerf Power-Clip.

And for isane power, a clip system, and kick-butt looks, you want the nerf LongShot.

I will modd them all, just for you!

Nite Finder
and alot more!

I mod them all.
Get the gun you want today.

I Can paint your nerf gun in any color you would like. I have a few pics of some of my paint jobs below.

I can modify ANY nerf gun avalible in stores, once modded you can purcahse the gun safly and with trust that it will be deliver ASAP!
My mother's 100% positive feedback ebay account.

Simply email me saying what gun you would like, ill go out to the store and buy it, take it home, mod it, and the ship it to your door. you get a BRAND NEW modded nerf gun. Sweet!

I can also make quality homemade nerf darts. Just ask.

email me at:
OR AIM: Jhalek90

Get nerfing

Picture of Modded nerf guns for sale on ebay! I'll mod them just for you.  Look inside.
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C:\Documents and Settings\Justin\My Documents\My Pictures\camera\nerf guns\Maverick\mav.JPG
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Cacon127 days ago

how much? i was thinking of something steampunk...

email me at;

nathan_soliz8 months ago

Ive gad theaidea of chopping the grip off of a rough cut and attaching it to the barrel attachment on the front of the Nerf retaliator if u would like to,do this I will pay u

This is possible, and i have even done it with a strongarm!

nerf ehsns3 months ago

I was thinking along the lines of a nerf vesion of a scar h but I need to know the price first message me


Message me

What kind of mods do like/want?

CaseyF5 months ago

Could you send me an email at and tell me if you are still doing this. Please reply ASAP thanks

hmalik37 months ago

It's really frightening thing

VintageCookies11 months ago

Do u mod Nerf N-Strike Elite Guns like the retaliator as of this comment it should be in store. I am looking forward to buying from you but just want to confirm. Email:

Also tell me the price of the modded gun

can i please have a nerf scout that looks like this can u please email me the price at it would highly be appreciated!

How much would it cost for a moddified Nerf Stampede that looks like this?
It would be great if you emailed me the price at, thank you.
Oh and also with the last comment i left i forgot to add... Make it please shoot streamlines
Canyou mod me a titan itha bipod and a scope? Also with oceanic aka blue... Camo paint? Email me price at please :)
Jdburn1 year ago
Could you please mod the retaliator by spry painting it woodland camo and email me the price at
could you please look into a nerf rough cut modded so it is more powerful and it is grey where the blue bits are and orange where the none blur parts are? please get back to me with a price on
joje64c022 years ago
can you pls look into a good co2 modded maverick or a recon cs6 and tell me the price no co2 included pls
how much for a longshot that looks loke a battle rifle
my gmail is or
ozzer_3212 years ago
how much would a big bad bow modded be please reply asap
Please put your new email up i couldn't email you about a nerf gun
toronto252 years ago

I am interested in a custom painted and moded Longstrike CS-6. I'm
not committed to a buy yet but I was wondering about how much you can
make it look like a real gun (e.g scope, stock, magazine, etc.) and I
was also wondering about what colours you can paint the guns and what it would cost approx.

Texas rules3 years ago
What would it cost to make a longstrike look like a halo assault rifle. Also (if possible) I would like it fully automatic. please reply

*EDIT* keep orange tip
hi did he spray your nerf and how much was it and how good was it
nerf123452 years ago
hi please can you spray me a nerf long shot matt black and put a stand on it please tell me how much it is and reply
nerf123452 years ago
hi please can you spray a long shot matt black for my and add a stand pleas get back to me thanks p.s tell me how much it will cost me
Rawesome3 years ago
Do you stil offer your services Twisted? I tried both your email which did not go through. I tried your aim which did not go through either. Cold you please give me an email to contact you at.
Texas rules3 years ago
What would it cost to make a longstrike look like a halo assault rifle. Also (if possible) I would like it fully automatic. please reply
Ferrari5763 years ago
I was wondering if you could mod a Vulcan and how much it would cost.
I would a realistic paint job, not sure what, but with an orange tip.
If the ROF could be increased without decreasing the life, that would be great.

Thank you
jevans33 years ago
wow, how many guns have you sold? I have started up doing this and am wondering if you have any tips or ideas for me.
How much would it cost for a camo paint job on a longstrike(please make it as accurate and powerful as possible) And make it fire alot further. Reply soon

My email is
i don't know if anyone is reading this but if there is anyone with a titan (not unity power system but just the titan can you please contact me. If you can buy one at the store (biglots, tjmaxx, etc where ever still sold) that would be great. It needs to be new or shoot at least 45 feet. I am asking $15-$30 because i need 3 of them. email me at if you have one or more. TTHHHAANNNKKKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtea4 years ago
What your email address
I can't send a PM for you
I need 2 guns
replay me soon
kelseymh wtea4 years ago
Yes, you can.
wtea kelseymh4 years ago

This e-mail, it bounce back to me by gmail.
any other optional email?

kelseymh wtea4 years ago
Try using the PM ("private message") feature through the user's Instructables account. However, you may not have noticed that this forum topic is four years old.
wtea kelseymh4 years ago
You are right, i have not notice it was 4 years old,

Thanks again.
hounslow994 years ago
mate ur gunz are awsome can you email me the price for a fully modded and 'nicely painted' longstrike plz at

something like this plz :)
tfy64 years ago
Hi I would like a red grayish long shot, how much would that cost and would you be able to ship to it to Britain please could you send me the details at
Hello I'm just wondering how much it would cost for a nerf longshot in grey, white and black. Also are you able to ship to Australia s.a and if so how much does it cost. And could you put a reloader thing like on the recon near the front. Plz email me prices and email options at
we are based in melbourne and post to every where in australia
how much for a hunter green painted maveick.
If you want to have than these, visit my site at
And we are business!
vulcnboy114 years ago
how much will ya do a longer range nerf recon for :)
pronerfmods4 years ago
If you want to have lower prices than these, visit my site at
im not kidding i really want that much and hey could you sell me some petg too?
and 1,000 stefans
ill take a longshot with integrated front gun and the power clilp for 100$
nickg1234 years ago
can u mod nerf recon for your best price,how much?? please reply im willing to pay
Drew33374 years ago
Hey mate, dunno if your still modding but if you are I'm wondering what the best is for power, me and my friends are starting to enter tournaments with surrounding universities. I'm from Australia and was wondering if you can mod and ship at my expence my email is
Fantom2035 years ago
Hey dude,if you're still modding guns, could u send me the prices for a maverick,a nitefinder,longshot,the cross fire,and the dart tag?email me at thx
I can sell you a nitefinder for $25 check out this website if u r interested.
zack attack5 years ago
how much does the nightfinder $?
Heu i can sell you a modded nitefinder for $25 check this website out if u r interested
weirdryan14 years ago
I am selling modded nerf guns at this link for cheaper then this dude so check the site out.
Catuwan474 years ago
How much would a good nerf sniper rifel cost for a gun like the long shot or long strike?
Caca114 years ago
Hey I wanted to no if u could sell me a nerf rev. I'm looking for the farthest possible range you can make it shoot and a cool paint job. Call/text me at 978-289-8682. email-
nerf_crazy4 years ago
hi, how much would it cost for you to make the furthest firing thing possible and make look like a m1 grand e-mail me at
hey could you please modify a recon black and make it look like a sniper and also can you send me some pics of your mods and the prices of them i need it to be around 20 dollars and email me at
Nor-tea-a6 years ago
I also do custom paint jobs and have been modifying for a long time. All prices are negotiable. Leave me a message if interested.
I'm interested
hey can modify my mavrick please and how much would it cost? email me at name is nicole thanks
NerfGeek4 years ago
How much would modding a Longshot and a Raider? What colors can u do and can u do multiple colors like rainbow? Would adding colors cost more and if how much? Sorry for asking so many Questions I'm new NerfGeek
Eclipze4 years ago
how much would a modded long shot be.and i am new to this place
bigred654 years ago
How much would it cost for a nerf longshot with a pvc bolt mod,  spray painted woodland camo, and ar out. (if you still mod nerf guns) send to
could you paint a longshot red, silver, and black and take out the air restrictors. I also want 24 of stephans bullets. please tell me the price A.S.A.P
If you want cheap modded nerf guns you could go here. it is $20 for the nightshot and $35 for the sniper. If you do not see it listed go to completed listings, find it, and contact him about it.
i only see 3 items, are there items i can't find or do you have to ask him to customize a Nerf gun
he always sells the nerf guns but because its ebay the auctions end every week or so...and he is sometimes delayed on putting them back up. If you really want one just send him a message and im sure he'll put them up for you.
Marines20135 years ago
 dude what would the price of a moded vulcan be and would u be able to make it have more then one barrel

hh445 years ago
heyy if ur still moding i would like a complete modded nerf longshot. could please email me about this at:
parryto15 years ago
oops i forgot to say email me the price at
parryto15 years ago

I dont know if u do it but ive been seeing nerf longshots made like lansers from the game gears of war and as a front imigration (i dont know what its called) it has a working toy chainsaw and led lights in little gamps in it.
if u can make one how much would it for u to make it and ship it to the uk thanks.

sniperguy135 years ago
 Hey twisted if your still modding what would it cost for a buzz bee rapid fire rifle painted chrome crimson with gold streaks and a super clip (the clip that comes with the gun).  ty if you can 
PBSisBAD5 years ago
how much does a titan modded to shoot darts cost?
luke965 years ago
What mods can you on a Mavrick.
(seabear)5 years ago
that maverick looks steampunk! Awesomeness!
danester5 years ago
Hi can you send me a average price on a longshot with further range and paintjob at ty (if your still modding)
Emilio5565 years ago
 if your still modding email me im after a AR removed recon
sugan955 years ago
hi if u still mod nerf guns can u please email me thanks i really need a nerf gun asap...
If you still mod and sell guns email me at
havok765 years ago
longshot with with hornet integrated in frontgun, and frontgun integrated in main part of gun. How much would that, plus a paintjob cost?
cercer7 years ago
Hi, what are the cheapest long range ones, and please say the prices
twisted (author)  cercer7 years ago
if you want a cheap but still long range gun, you want a nite finder.
here is a pic

i will sell you one for $15 plus shipping. it will be modded to shoot around 80 or 90 feet. and ill ship it with 3 custom homemade darts as well as the ones that it comes with.

do u still mod and sell these guns , if yess email me on thanx
Are u still modding guns? if so, e-mail me at
that pic is a first gen
Can you mod me one with either a camo or black paint job for a low price? I also have one that I have barely used, once or twice, and if it owuld be easier for me to get it cheap by doing that then it would be great

** sorry I put a reply in the middle like this by accident
madmicah25 years ago
hi, just wondering how much a double clip and modified darts cost? email me at as soon as you can thxs
zack attack5 years ago
How much money do they cost?
chazman96 years ago
what do u think is the best sniper gun
buzzbee rapid fire rifle
can you mod nerf vulcans??? ...and how do i get my guns to you so you can mod them???
I am looking for a handgun type that can shoot 50 feet and has a revolving barrel that can hold either 6 or 8 darts.
1spartan956 years ago
i would mod all my guns but i cant find the tiny screwdriver
Biozerk6 years ago
hello, I'm looking to spend quite a bit because i want a very nicely moded run. Firstly, do you mod Recon CS-6's? Secondly, can you do LED Lights? (I know this will require electrical work, and you can't always do it, just want to know if you can) Please send me an e-mail at I don't think there will be enough room to post this and there will be pictures to show where I want stuff, etc.
Biozerk Biozerk6 years ago
Nvm with the below comment, I PMed you with all the details. No more LED lights.
bgtccr6 years ago
could you at least give me the intsructions to do that?? thanks
bgtccr6 years ago
how much would it be to mod the nite finder in the following ways... -stronger spring -removal of air restrictors -new O ring -painted all black -and could you by any chance make the laser stay on with out firing the dart somteimes but also make it easy??? thanks!
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