Modded nerf guns for sale on ebay! I'll mod them just for you. Look inside.

Ever wanted to snipe a freind from 80+ feet away with a suction-cup dart? then you need a modded nerf nite finder!

How about the urge to unload 10 shots of foamy death in under a second? Then you need a modded nerf Power-Clip.

And for isane power, a clip system, and kick-butt looks, you want the nerf LongShot.

I will modd them all, just for you!

Nite Finder
and alot more!

I mod them all.
Get the gun you want today.

I Can paint your nerf gun in any color you would like. I have a few pics of some of my paint jobs below.

I can modify ANY nerf gun avalible in stores, once modded you can purcahse the gun safly and with trust that it will be deliver ASAP!
My mother's 100% positive feedback ebay account.

Simply email me saying what gun you would like, ill go out to the store and buy it, take it home, mod it, and the ship it to your door. you get a BRAND NEW modded nerf gun. Sweet!

I can also make quality homemade nerf darts. Just ask.

email me at:
OR AIM: Jhalek90

Get nerfing

Picture of Modded nerf guns for sale on ebay! I'll mod them just for you.  Look inside.
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C:\Documents and Settings\Justin\My Documents\My Pictures\camera\nerf guns\Maverick\mav.JPG
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rochellev31 year ago

have eny tips on how to modify a Nerf n strike elite stryf

Looking for like new guns 2016 moded painted and integrated with matching attachments images or ideas please email me and cost please love Nerf guns

hi wondering if you could email me all the blasters and prices including painted moded and intergrated please at

BrandonT661 year ago

he m8 um u still selling?

Wbay account is down, are you still selling them and do you ship to Aus?

RiverP11 year ago

Do you mod rapidstrikes because I want a more powerful rapid strike, I can also supply the materials.

PurifiedW1 year ago

Question! Do you mod Retaliators because I'm into this blaster specifically. If you do mod these then how much would an average mod for this blaster cost?

samw801 year ago

How much for a modded nerf sharp fire and paint it dark gray and orange?

JackB1081 year ago

Can you make me a long shot and color it black and red and make it accurate shoot abou 120ft or less

JackB1081 year ago

can you p90 nerf guns and Uzis ??????

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