Moded spider massacre v 2.0 with my new handle mods and sight stuff...

Here are some pictures of the original spider massacre (v 2.0) and my moded spider massacre v 2.0

Top gun is the original

Bottom gun is the new

(Pic 1 Pic 2) EEK MY FOOT ITS IN THE PICTURE... WOW its so small its actually bigger just a little.. my foots small cause ... o crap need to keep with the box stuff.... cause... im box-asian there ya go. My foot is smal cause im box - asian... ;D! Ekk how did my ds get in there.... oops

I ran out of colored connectors and black rods... i didnt want to use a grey rod so i used a red... =)

Tell me what you think of my mods.. should i post them or should i leave it here?

Picture of Moded spider massacre v 2.0 with my new handle mods and sight stuff...
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MI69 years ago
Very innovative , post !!!
mrbox (author)  MI69 years ago
Its been posted
MI6 mrbox9 years ago
I recommend putting a link to these guns in the paragraph above .
mrbox (author)  MI69 years ago
plasmaspy9 years ago
post! post ! post ! post! please lol looks very sturdy and compacted together XD
mrbox (author)  plasmaspy9 years ago
UPDATE THERE HAS BEEN A DELAY... I SHOT MY CAMERA!!! Heres how it happened I was testing out one of my guns and I was like lets shoot my history book I cant possibly miss and hit my camera that is two feet away right next to it... Well guess what happened? You fill in the blank
Storm950 mrbox9 years ago
Know the feeling mate! I burst this beach ball thing in my room lol, coz I was aiming for this box HAHAAH BOX!!! and err thankfully for you... I missed and popped the ball at about 11 at night and woke my Dad up.
wats even wors take a 55 volt fan(computer fan)
and put it in an outlet

it has big boom and sparks

but please i beg of you dont try this at home

learn from my mistakes

5 volt not 55


mrbox (author)  Storm9509 years ago

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