Does anyone even care about mini model? I've barley seen any in the entire website! (excluding ) Any way... I need to see more of this kind of stuff!

Picture of Models
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Beizugaz6 years ago
I like it, keep up the good work!
ponyballs26 years ago
FrozenIce6 years ago
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! i have come to join ur movement :) im currently working on a small project that attaches to a stikfas figure. its basicly a pair of bird wings ( resembling the wings of a turkey vultures but white) that articulate fulley and the feathers fold in...... but its still work in progress :P i may continue work soon, but bcz of the back-to-school thing for us youngsters on instructables (over 13 that is :)) :p it may take a while... i hope u post something too. will subscribe :) gd luck
elkalpin (author)  FrozenIce6 years ago
dombeef7 years ago
The third picture would be fun
 I'm not sure if anyone cares in the first place because, well, no one else is replying ( other than me ). People might eventually care about it, but I doubt it would be now ( 8:45 pm on my side of the world ( Feb 3, 2010)).
looks like times have changed
lemonie7 years ago
Mr Cavalier - do it, not ask it.

elkalpin (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I like your thinking!
Kiteman7 years ago
If you want to see projects like those, why don't you create them?

Start a trend.
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