Modem won't work in a different room?

ok, so upstairs in the attic we have a modem and a router, the modem works fine up there and so does the router. but when i try to move my modem downstairs to my room and hook it into my cable line to play halo or host on warcraft, it won't connect to the internet. so my question is why this happens, whats the difference between my cable line and the one upstairs, and is there a way to fix this?

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Jordo (author) 9 years ago
lol, now all I have to do is find my main cable line, i have no clue where it is. and is there a reason they would put filters in? seems pretty pointless to me. my friend has this same problem too, he tried to move his modem from his living room, up to his room upstairs, and connected it into his cable. but it doesn't work there either. only in the original room. 1 thing i have to ask that didn't even hit me before.... Is the cable line for a TV and the cable line for internet the same thing? can you take the cable from your tv and plug it in you modem? because that is what I've been doing.
the tv and internet use the cable in different ways (and thats why they dont interfer with each other) (if you are more advanced in electronics - the internet and the tv use different frequencies. each ignores the frequencies of te other one) some tv-related hardware (amplifiers splitters etc) may be present in the line. this hardware was designed with tv in mind and no one give a damn what it does to other possible types of communication. now comes out that this hardware blocks the internet your room may be connected thru some old splitter while the attic is not in light wall home - the walls are empty and the cables are free to move a bit. shake the cable maybe youll see / hear where it goes to in brick wall home - all cable connections (tv / electrical / etc) are in boxes normally with accessible covers. find the boxes and check inside you may run a cable from the good spot in the attic into your room. its kinda loop but there should be no problem with it
Jordo (author)  110100101109 years ago
ok thnx
Jordo (author) 9 years ago
Hmmmmm, I'm not sure what either of those mean, does that mean that the other cables in the house are set up not to get internet? My house is pretty old, so i don't think we have anything MEANT to stop internet from working to our other cable lines. I thought all cable lines were just split from one main line, so they would all work the same. but I don't really know.
. The cable wiring to your bedroom may be bad. . Sometimes, traps (filters) are installed to block certain channels. One of these may be interfering. . They are all split from your incoming line, but the are many reasons that an outlet may not work as expected. Wiring, traps, amplifiers, &c. Too many splitters can degrade the signal. Some older splitters are not compatible with HSI (I had to get a new splitter for one of my drops when I went to HSI). . . Try running a piece of coax from your bedroom to the incoming line.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. The coax to your bedroom may be marginal or there may be a trap installed.