Modern Warfare 2

Yes, the game has just came out on November 10th, but do any of you people have any good classes? Like combinations? I hear the Riot Shield blocks out any bullets, but it replaces primary weapon. It also goes on your back when you are using your pistol/rocket launcher/shotgun. and NO it does not break :D. But you are vulnerable from the sides (?). When the Riot Shield gets riddled with bullets it makes it harder to see.

Picture of Modern Warfare 2
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tthomasvd7 years ago
im having a clan (#nukeclear#)
PartyBoy6797 years ago
Ive been looking around for people who are good at this game ,,, i really want to start a clan , My gamertag is exactly the same as my username 4 this site (PartyBoy679 ) but with out the parentheses
lol, when I see those people with riot shields, I just shoot the hands (yes, I mean the hands) and they go "aah" then their head pops out like in the image then BANG!!! dead... although, yeah, the riot shield is pretty pointless without not having to fire back. What I do to people with riot gear (other than shoot the hand) is sort of like a suicide bomber technique. No, I don't throw a grenade. I close in and plant a claymore in their faces *lols* then their heads pop out from being damaged and I pick off the stragglers. If their shields weren't facing the claymore... EPIC DESTRUCTION (plus flying people).
Chromatica7 years ago
Best game ever!
 Its not the best game ever its aint that good
DJ Radio8 years ago
You know what I find funny?  That people JUST found about Eminem's song "Till I collapse" only because of MW2 having it on their soundtrack/commercial/whatever.
 nope i heared it from my bro then i saw the commercials it was pretty good commercial
They put a great song with a great game.
Sorry It can't go any smaller.
They sorta butchered it lol.
Yeah I know. You are going to get that a lot. Still get the point though.
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