Modern music.

falls probably have seen my profile where it says I hate modern music. And I do. For A LOT of reasons.
Mostly about love or ( Censored ) with the exception of a hand full.
Has killed the drum and guitar solo, my favorite part of music.
"Robotic" themes *cough* Lady GaGa *cough*'
Have weird topics.
Pretty much no relative respect for musicians.
Can't understand half the lyrics.
Very repetitive lyrics, well said by nigahiga.
I need to think of more.

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cj814998 years ago
anythng by crazy frog and a song could be through the fire and the flames by dragonforce
NYPA (author)  cj814998 years ago
I don't like crazy frog and Dragonforce is the one of the handfull.
DreadFred NYPA8 years ago
Do you mean Dragonforce is good?  Because if you do mean that, I have to disagree.  All of their songs sound the same and they are terrible live.  (In my opinion)
However I agree with you on the stuff you said before.
NYPA (author)  DreadFred8 years ago
Yes, i agree. Through the fire and flames is INCREDIBLY popular due to Guitar Hero 3. I sorta like it. But yes, all of there other songs sound like offspring of their big one.
KentsOkay8 years ago
You will understand Lady GaGa's appeal one day :D 
She's hot.
NYPA (author)  Camisado8 years ago
She had a zipper on her face at her American Idol appearance.
Camisado NYPA8 years ago
Still hot.
You should have seen her Out magazine photo shoot.  Weird.  But amazing.
More like Guy GaGa.
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