Molecular Gastronomy

I read about molecular gastronomy. It sounds like something very cool. Anyone know any recipes or tips for molecular gastronomical cooking?

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clairepia9 years ago
There's a great article by FLYP media about Moto restaurant in Chicago, which uses some molecular gastronomy techniques. It even has video clips of the pastry chef in action. Check it out at
Masterdude (author)  clairepia9 years ago
Awesome. I want to go there. I wish I had some of that equipment. My parents probably wouldn't let me play around with a level 4 laser though.
westfw9 years ago
There have been a couple of Instructables:
The second includes this Excellent Link to
My rough take is that it ends up being an awful lot of work for food that is "interesting", but not really all that wonderful to eat. I want some hints on how to use things as garnish or addition to bulkier, tastier, dishes...
Masterdude (author)  westfw9 years ago
I want to try some of the recipes on the Khymos page.
I love the idea of it. Some of my favorites include a dish that looks/feels like tomato soup, but tastes like pizza, and also what looks like chocolate cake but is some other entree (i can't remember which exactly) I also a think where they took pancake batter, and then froze it on a super cold platter.
There's an ible on carrot caviar.