Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle

Check out this giant crop circle that was made/created on farmland in Oxfordshire.
This jelly fish is about 600 feet (or 250m) check it out!

link to vid:

Picture of Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle
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domitay8 years ago
Was this man made or natural - "created" by whom? What were the farmers up to when this was being "created"
Shadowmang (author)  domitay8 years ago
sleeping probably
Kiteman8 years ago
According to the website, the pattern and the subsequent damage by tourists has cost the farm around 600,000GBP!
gmoon Kiteman8 years ago
Here's an updated story link. Apparently the farmer's estimated losses were 600 pounds, not 600,000 as originally misquoted by the media...
purduecer gmoon8 years ago
Misquote? The media? Are you sure? ;-)
How dare he think the media is fallible...
Kiteman gmoon8 years ago
Damn that pesky decimal point!
Shadowmang (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
wow must be a farmers worst nightmare
It really is a jerk thing to do to a poor farmer.