Montana Rusa recreation Update 1

Hey everyone! Here's the first update of my recreation of Montana Rusa.
Most of the changes are according to what people said on sscoasters now that I am a part of that site. People mainly told me to extend the valley which I slightly adjusted. That changed the second hill but not by much. I also extended the top of the second hill. Please comment and tell me what I could improve. By the way, don't for get to vote for this in the summer heat contest on :-D

The quicker you respond the quicker I'll have a new update. 

Picture of Montana Rusa recreation Update 1
lemonie7 years ago

Montaña Rusa means "roller coaster" doesn't it?
Which one have you recreated?

ajleece7 years ago
Micro k'nex. Oh. (I need more)
Tornado96 (author)  ajleece7 years ago