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A little while ago we received a series of letters in the mail. Not regular letters that are written on paper, but big letters like "R" and "T" and so son. Finally, the explanation was posted and we put it all together. Sadly, some of the letters never did make it to the office and we're a little short, but we really did appreciate the sentiment. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

Here are the much-belated pics of what we received.

Picture of More Awesome Fan Art
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CameronSS8 years ago
Kiteman's S is enormous...I thought that we established size guidelines? :-P
I believe in the U.K. it's spelled and pronounced with an 'r' ;-> And not a nice thing to say about Kiteman -- we all get a bit spread out in our forties!
Meh, Kiteman's ancient, he's just pretending to be forty.

*Basks in knowledge that Kiteman is on the other side of a rather large ocean, and as such cannot strike me*

*realizes that I wouldn't mind getting smacked by Kiteman, it would still be an honor (honour) to meet him*

*win-win situation.*
All teachers are ancient, by definition.

WeThey are Oracles of wisdom and power, who give enlightenment with one hand, doom with the other.
Yes, I know we established size limits, but

a) that was after I started making
b) I got carried away
c) it wouldn't work so well as a small boomerang
d) I forgot anyway...

Regarding oracles:

I went into a B&V lesson yesterday (with my behaviour management hat on) and sat in for a few minutes. A pupil asked me what a dreidel was, so I told them.

Child to friend; "Wow, how did he know what that was?"
Friend to child; "That's Mr L, didn't you know that he knows everything?"

That's a precious reputation to have, especially when you pull up a kid for their behaviour - they have a tendency to own up to all sorts, because they think I already know.

(I didn't realise when I made it - hung up like that, it looks like a dollar sign...)
I'll quote from the Top Sekrut Forum, you were one of the first replies:

With the letter S, and restricted to 5 inches, I think I'll make it a throwing-ring type of thing (like, a circle with an S across it, sort of a circular superman logo), and I'll make a base with a slot in to hold it up.


Don't worry, we like you anyway!
Psst, the memory is the first thing to go....
did you guys give him the correct Units of measurement?
Derin8 years ago
You will receive some fan art in pm sometime today.Print it out.I could not mail it though.
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
:D Yay! Hope the others get there soon
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